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New Year Sales



12/12/2006 Well, well, well...(again)
01/17/2003 Well, well, well...
11/08/2002 Okay, I’m sorry.
03/29/2002 Comics Are Back.

Welcome to a bold, new era in the Collector’s Edge Comics Newsletter  

12/16/2005 Things Every Customer Should Know About The Upcoming 2006 New Year Sale
11/25/2005 Things The Edgeguys Love About Winter
11/08/2005 Reasons There Wasn’t A Top Ten Last Month
09/13/2005 Things the Edgeguys are doing in preparation for DC Comics upcoming Infinite Crisis event
07/22/2005 House Of Edge Ramifications
07/05/2005 Top Ten ways customers have tried (and mostly failed) to pay for comics
06/03/2005 Comic Book Musings Of The SYSOP's 5 Year Old And 2 1/2 Year Old Sons
05/05/2005 Free Comic Book Day DOs and DON'Ts
04/08/2005 Locations scouted for the next Collector's Edge location
03/11/2005 Resume qualifications listed by people applying for a job at Collector’s Edge East
02/18/2005 Motivational Speeches Given By Steve
01/21/2005 Collector's Edge 2005 New Year Sale Drawing & Trivia Contest Prize Winner Reactions
12/28/2004 Things every customer should know about the upcoming New Year Sale
12/07/2004 Conversation snippets a customer might over hear when eavesdropping outside package control
11/19/2004 -To Do- Items on the SYSOP's holiday list
10/15/2004 Reasons Collector's Edge Comics sucks (from the competitions point of view)
09/24/2004 "New Duties" assigned to Diane she suspects were never really anyone's duties before she was hired.
09/03/2004 Things Steve said to convince the Edgeguys that hiring a female wouldn't upset the delicate balance and natural order of things at the Edge.
08/17/2004 Reasons Fanboy Kyle Went Back to College
07/09/2004 Reasons Edgeguy Mike Lang Joined The U.S. Airforce
06/11/2004 Birthday Wishes By Steve
05/14/2004 Reasons Kurt (North Store Manager) Is Getting Married
04/23/2004 Edge Urban Myths & Legends
04/02/2004 Accidents At The Edge
03/12/2004 Spring Cleaning Tasks At The Edge
02/13/2004 Comic Book Musings Of The Sysop's 3 1/2 Year Old Son
01/23/2004 Answers To The 2004 Edge Triva Contest
01/06/2004 Rejected Top Tens
12/25/2003 Twelve Days Of Christmas At The Edge
12/12/2003 Edge Guy Stocking Stuffers
11/21/2003 Post Thanksgiving Dinner Tasks for Edge Guys
10/24/2003 Edgeguy Halloween Traditions
10/08/2003 Weird Behavior By Steve After He Worked 96 Hours Straight
09/22/2003 New Fall TV Shows The Edgeguys Aren't Watching
09/05/2003 Proposed back up power sources for the Edge Package System Computer
08/08/2003 Similarities between Star Trek and the Edge
07/18/2003 Epitaphs for an Edgeguy tombstone
06/20/2003 Reasons Fanboy Kyle came home from college
05/30/2003 Things The Edgeguys are procrastinating
05/09/2003 Responses to Steve ordering the Edgeguys to pick up the litter in the parking lot
04/18/2003 Favorite Places To Read Comics
03/28/2003 Special Guest Villains
03/07/2003 Utility Belt Items
02/14/2003 Famous Last Words
02/07/2003 Edge Guy Pick Up Lines
01/17/2003 Life of Rogman Episodes
01/03/2003 Simpsons lines actually used in real conversations at the Edge

Secret Origins of the Edge Guys


Edge Guy uses for Thanksgiving leftovers


Formal titles Steve has considered calling himself


Things Edge Guys gave for Trick-OR-Treat


Things the Edge Guys like about WB's Birds Of Prey


Movie Soundtracks Dave Mehling (at South) Plays Over and Over and Over...


New TV shows the edge guys would watch..


Sandwiches (if the Edge was a deli)


Tasks that no one does now that Kyle is gone...


Evil plots foiled by Edge Guys


Comics customers asked for that never existed


Zany schemes proposed by Edge Guys, then shot down by Steve    


Strangest requests / questions from package customers 


Rejected names for the new Collector's Edge Comics 


03/20/2003 Who Says You Can Never Go Home Again?



06/20/2003 Rich Koslowski
05/16/2003 Mike Grell
04/25/2003 George Perez
04/18/2003 The Origin


03/12/2003 The excitement, and the list, grows!
02/25/2003 OK, you've saved and scrounged up enough dough...
01/22/2003 Get Ready To Xplode!
01/10/2003 HeroClix Invade South!
12/20/2002 Rules are rules, but...
11/29/2002 IndyClix??

02/02/2007 WAR JOURNAL ENTRY - 10 JANUARY 2007
07/20/2004 51 Things I Learned At The Edge
09/27/2003 The Return of Smallville and others
03/07/2003 Smallville
01/17/2003 The First Adventure Of The South Sale
11/29/2002 "the basement"
10/04/2002 As you have probably guessed, I am the new guy


The only reality I know is the one I exist in or  another column from the MAD SERB!


What It Is Like To Survive On An Alien World!


The Final Return of the Mad Serb with Rantings and Ravings for a New Millennium!  

06/06/2003 Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the DC Universe: Part 1 “These Are Your Grandfathers Heroes”



07/19/2002 50 Things I Learned At The Edge

"10$ Anyone?"  


The Origin Of Fanboy Kyle  

05/05/2006 Where Is The Love For Batman?
03/15/2006 The Origin Of Shifty Keith

07/05/2003 Epic Proportions
05/16/2003 Monumental Crisis or "Honey, did we remember to pack Alex?!?"
04/02/2003 Let's Level With Daredevil!
02/12/2003 Tsunami
10/11/2002 At one point in my life, my favorite super-hero was the Son of Satan!
08/08/2002 Power Company: Not just a fan, also a client
06/04/2002 A funny thing happened on the way to the comic store.

Everything I know about life I learned from the Doom Patrol.  

05/25/2007 2007 Green Bay Packers Schedule
04/30/2007 Wendy's 99 cent value menu list
03/23/2007 The Superior Squad Roll Call
02/21/2007 Cerebus Trades by Dave Sim
01/19/2007 Holy Something Batman - said by Robin in the Batman 60s TV show
12/18/2006 Known Members of the Fantastic Four (Marvel Earth-616)
11/30/2006 The Rules of Fight Club
10/20/2006 Members of the Legion of Super-Pets
09/07/2006 Known Phases of Leonardo Leonardo's Plan For The Town Of Leonardo
08/08/2006 Stan - the man- Lee's Acting Parts
06/30/2006 Superman: The Animated Series Episodes
05/26/2006 Coolest James Bond Movie Parts
05/05/2006 Things We Will Miss After Diane Leaves The East Location.
04/14/2006 Secrets Of The Edge Web Site
03/24/2006 DC Comics Archives Published To Date
03/03/2006 Mike Damone's Five-Point Plan for succeeding with women.
02/17/2006 What did the Edgeguys do the day after Valentine's Day?


Cinema AD slide 2003/2004

Chris Reeve "Superman" remembered

Power Company Promo October 2002

Spider-man Movie Talk May 2002

"unfound" radio commercial

At The Movies With Mervyn By Shane Mervyn  03/14/2002

Under The Sea By Shane Mervyn 03/22/2002
2006 "hot chick" ads
2007 "hot chick" ads
Greg Rucka, Gregg Hurwitz & Brian Azzarello visit our South location for an in-store signing. 11/09/2007