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What is the Frivolous 5?
The Frivolous 5 is a set of 5 questions that we ask of people working in or associated with the comic book industry. It is always the same 5 questions. These 5 questions were chosen because we felt that people get tired of being asked the same questions over and over such as, who were your influences? What was your first comic?, What projects have you got coming up?. These are great questions and we might ask these too if we do more lengthy interviews down the road. We settled on these 5 questions because they have little to nothing to do with the comic book industry and will reveal a little bit more about a person’s background and personality.

Where did the Frivolous 5 come from?

The Frivolous 5 started as the Final 5 and are questions that were intended to be asked at the end, hence final, of a lengthier interview. The first time that we asked these questions were in an interview conducted via email with writer and artist Dan Jurgens. This interview appeared in the final paper edition of the Edge newsletter/ fanzine. We will hopefully reprint the Mr. Jurgen’s responses here at a later date. The next time that we asked the questions were at the end of the virtual store appearance by Power Company penciler Tom Grummett. This interview was conducted via telephone on 09/24/2002 and will also hopefully be presented here in one format or another at a later date.

The 5 questions lay dormant until February 2003. For the second year I was lucky enough to be sent by my place of employment to Orlando, FL for training on some new equipment. And for the second year in a row the training schedule would allow me to attend the annual MegaCon comic book convention while in Florida. I decided to revive the 5 questions and ask them of many of the guests in attendance. I had so much fun conducting these short interviews that I continued the next weekend at the Chicago Comicfest. These interviews will be presented on this website over the next few months and plans are being made to conduct interviews at the big Wizard World Convention this August and possibly some of the smaller conventions going on this year.

Since we were not exclusively using the 5 questions to end the more extensive interviews any more we decided that a name change was needed. After some short debates the Frivolous 5 was selected.

How were the Frivolous 5 chosen?

The 5 questions were chosen by myself and fellow columnist and Collector’s Edge West store manager, John Steib with help from our friends who hang out at the West store.

What are the questions already!?

Here are the 5 questions with a little background on each.

1. “What is the greatest movie of all time?”
This seems to be an easy one and we considered it to be a “softball” question but it has been really surprising how many people have trouble with it. Some have trouble narrowing it down to just one. Others have one that is their favorite but acknowledge another for being a classic or technically superior.
2. “Are you a little bit Country or a little bit Rock N Roll? Please explain.
We are interested in finding out what musical preferences people have, but didn’t want to come right out and ask for favorite song, album or singer. John came up with a nice twist on the question with a nod to a 1970’s pop culture reference.
3. “What is your favorite soup?”  
We took this question from a 1972 issue of Tiger Beat magazine that someone had left at the West store. The question was one of many that were asked of the teen heartthrobs of the day and this question was the inspiration for us creating the Frivolous 5 in the first place. I was surprised how many people that I interviewed asked me to repeat the question because they really were not expecting it to be asked it.
4. “Who is your favorite Muppet and why?” 
Why Muppet? Why not? They are a big part of pop culture that everyone knows. And don’t forget that there isn’t just the Muppet Show but also Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and various other TV shows & movies.
5. “Is it better to give or receive?”  
There are so many ways to interpret this question that we just had to include it.

Are you done yet?
Yes. That is the origin of the Frivolous 5 and a bit more. I hope you have as much fun reading (and possibly listening to) the interviews as we do conducting the interviews and as we did coming up with the questions. Keep checking the Collector’s Edge Comics website for new interviews in the future.

- Jack Larsen -