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By Mike Lang

The Return of Smallville and others...

"He spins a web any size...catches thieves just like flies...look out here comes the Spi......" Oh man thatís not my line either. Well hello all my readers, it has been sometime since my last article and I'm sorry for that but always I can bring the stuff. At the end of Flash #201 a mysterious man gave Wally the ring and said, "Its time to run again." I just thought that since I'm back into cross-country this year I decided to sometimes wear my Flash shirt before I run, just to taunt my opponents, I thought it would be cool to tell you.

Did you hear that Christian Bale was cast to play Batman in the next Batman film? I think Bale can pull it off. He looks like a young Bruce Wayne, so i think Warner Bros. can finally get it right. There is also a Flash show that is in the works at the WB, but its not the Flash we know. He's a time traveler and saves people. Sounds like a little Quantum Leap to me. (ha ha)

Also Marvel has been said to launch Ultimate Fantastic Four which I can't wait to read and see. I think this book is going to be great. Finally one of the oldest teams gets ultimatized. Marvel 1602 has also been very good, Neil Gaiman is really doing a great job with the Marvel Universe. The story is just so good. Now lets get to the stuff everyone wants to hear about the most...Smallville!!

On October 1st Smallville returns for its 3rd season. That's great! Just recently Season 1 of Smallville came out on DVD and I must say it is a very good buy. If you remember at the end of the 2nd season Clark put on the red kryptonite ring and jumped on the motorcycle and headed for Metropolis. I have heard a lot of good things about this upcoming season like the introduction of Perry White and Morgan Edge. I've also heard that Clark gets a new power added to the ones he already has...I wonder which one it is? (There are not too many left.) I hope that sometime in the future the creators and writers bring in a young Bruce Wayne; it would be so cool to see. Remember Smallville is on Oct. 1st, which is a Wednesday night, so tune in and watch a great superhero show.

Well my readers, itís time for me to run again...till we meet again!!!

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