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Top Ten Weird Behavior By Steve After He Worked 96 Hours Straight
(And Thought He Was A Hummingbird Of Some Kind)

10) Employees must now call him Steve-Steve.
 9) Demanded we all talk like pirates.
 8) The Edgeguy uniform of the day now includes an ascot (apricot color preferred).
 7) Instructed SYSOP to find out if TRON was real.
 6) Bragged he used to be a Sergeant in charge of the booze, during that whole giant ant incident.
 5) Started filing sandwiches in long boxes.
 4) Just buzzed around parking lot, tried to leave droppings on cars.
 3) Started planning for Collector's Edge Lunar.
 2) Gave everyone who ever wronged him second chances!

and the number one...

 1) Insisted blue cheese had a red counterpart, like Superman-Red & Superman-Blue.