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Top 10 New Fall TV Shows The Edgeguys AREN'T watching

10) Sopranos (where the heck is the next season?)
 9) Super Troopers: The TV Show (ugh)
 8) Secret Wars Animated (it'll never happen)
 7) Star Trek: The Peace Lovin' Diplomatic Corps. (duh)
 6) Survivor: Siberia (no bikinis)
 5) My Big Fat Greek Girlfriend (whaaaaa!)
 4) 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter After I'm Dead (tacky?)
 3) FOOD TV's Vegetarian Cooking (what's a vegetarian?)
 2) Queer Eye For The Edgeguy (hmmm...)

and the number one...

 1) Un-animated Edgeguys (still waiting on the contract)