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Top 10 Life of Rogman Episodes

10) 64lrA: "Meet my meat". Rogman attempts to build record-breaking longest sausage sandwich, has scuffle with vegetarian.

9) pilot: "Life of Rogman". Rogman wanders into local comic shop. (75 minutes)

8) 50lrX: "mmm, chicken....". Rogman attempts daredevil motorcycle jump and crashes into Arnold's chicken stand. Much chicken is eaten.

7) 37lrA: "Secret Rogman Wars". Rogman is transported to a strange world where he is forced to battle his enemies for appetizers.

6) 26lrA: "Christmas Special". Rogman takes part time job as mall Santa. Hilarity ensues.

5) 14lrB: "Black & Blue Hawaii". Rogman and the gang vacation in Hawaii, where a mysterious tiki idol causes all sorts of bad luck.

4) 09lrA: "No time for Rogman". Rogman travels back in time and teams up the the Golden-Age Edge Guys to prevent Marvel Comics from opening Marvel Mart stores. 

3) 04lrB: "Kiss my Blarney stones". Rogman runs afoul an Irishman.

2) 02lrC: "Boogie, MR. Rogman, Boogie". Disco flashback. Featuring music from the Bee Gees. John Travolta cameo.

and the number 1...

1) 47lrA: "Huh?". Rogman's friends mistakenly overhear something and get a false impression. The gang later has a big laugh when they learn the truth.