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Top 10 Edge Guy Pick Up Lines

10) Hey baby, I work in a comics shop...

9) I got some adult comics in my car.

8) So, how does it feel to be out of prison?

7) Wanna wear my novelty Green Lantern ring?

6) So DC and Marvel both teamed up to create these comics... [bored pause]... man, they were cool.

5) Heeeyyyy, Chasing Amy PROVED a lesbian can go straight for the right man...

4) Wanna go out tonight? Oh wait, I can't. There is a Star Trek marathon on cable tonight.

3) I recently dropped from an XXXL to XXL, and it looks like you did too?

2) Do you prefer Black Canary or Batgirl nylons?

and the number 1...

1) Nothing. (never bothered to ask)