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By Jack Larsen


George Perez

George Perez has been the premier comic book artist for over two decades and is the only artist that could possibly challenge Jack Kirby for the title of "The King" in the comic book industry. Mr. Perez has worked for all of the major companies on a variety of different books. A short list includes Justice League of America, Avengers, Crimson Plague, Teen Titans, and the epic adventure that streamlined the DC Universe: Crisis On Infinite Earths. Mr. Perez is currently splitting time between his duties at CrossGen working on Solus and penciling and inking the long awaited JLA/ Avengers crossover. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Perez on March 1st, 2003 at the annual MegaCon convention in Orlando Florida while he was appearing at the A.C.T.O.R. charity booth. Mr. Perez was talking with fans and signing autographs as well as selling original sketches with proceeds benefiting A.C.T.O.R.

Friv5: These are five non-comics related questions that we've been asking all the creators.
George Perez: Okey Dokey.

Friv5: What's your favorite movie…what is the greatest movie of all time?
George Perez: Oh god, I hate that question because I love movies so much… Obviously, I can say the classics like "Citizen Kane" which I absolutely adore, but as far as movies for sheer entertainment value …Good God, it's almost impossible… I'll say "Citizen Kane" just to play it safe and be one of the crowd.

Friv5: Okay.  Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll?  Please explain.
George Perez: Well, actually, I'm a little bit rock and roll, but I've become a little bit country by osmosis because my wife West Coast Swing dances, [she] is a Country Western dancer now so I've been hearing a lot more Country Western songs and I love it.  It's always on the radio.  If I'm in the car, I'm a little bit country because my wife controls the radio.  And then, if I'm in my studio, I'm a little bit rock and roll.

Friv5: Cool.  What is your favorite soup?
George Perez: [after consideration] French Onion.

Friv5: Who is your favorite Muppet and why?
George Perez: Bunsen Honeydew, because I'm now going for the Bunsen Honeydew look.  [points at bald head and chuckles]

Friv5: And is it better to give or receive?
George Perez: Always better to give.  I've been given so much that I've taken that for granted.  I love to give because that gives me more joy.
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