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By Jeff Klass

OK, you've saved and scrounged up enough dough...

OK, you've saved and scrounged up enough dough to buy yourself a pretty good collection of figures. You've read and reread the rulebook, Powers and Abilities Card, and even the FAQ at www.wizkidsgames.com

Now it's time to play! This week I will give some opinions on a few of the better powers to try to incorporate into your team.

Offensive Powers/Strategy:

Energy Explosion: This power, used correctly, can devastate your opponent’s team early in the game. And you don't necessarily need to spend big points to get it, either. The Infinity Challenge Veteran Boomerang is a great example of a lower cost figure with EE that is, in my opinion, a MONSTER. He is one of my must haves, and the guys I click with seem to go right after him when I put him out there, most likely from having this little 43 pointer destroy major parts of their team.

Super Strength: This is another staple of the game. Not much in Heroclix land is quite as sweet as having Hercules or Bane smash a nice, heavy object on the skull of your opponent. Remember, when your player with Super Strength has an object, you cannot voluntarily put it down, and it MUST be when you are base to base with an opponent. Many SS'ers can toss that object at their foe, and that is an option, but if you are in a situation where you have an SS figure with an object in BtB (Base to Base) with an opponent, the object MUST be used in the attack. Super Strength can turn the tide of a game by itself.

Ranged Combat Expert: This power alone is why Firelord is a GOD in Heroclix. That little red color in the damage slot of the dial can strike fear into the hearts of enemies from afar. Having at least one RCE on your team is a great way to spend points.

Running Shot:
This ability does not work with RCE (above), but for some players like Thor, they can decimate an opponent with a running shot and their base damage. Nothing like your opponent thinking he is safe, and having your attacker run half his speed and blast him!

Mind Control: It is hard to describe how sweet it is to have your White Queen Mind Control an enemy and attack. You are using your opponents figures against himself. Not only a great attack strategy, but a good demoralizing tactic (for him) as well.

Hypersonic Speed:
If you have the points, get a HS attacker. It is great fun to have Nightcrawler run up to someone, pop 'em for 2 clicks, and then bust a move right past them before the even know what hit! better yet, when BtB, a continuous Hypersonic attack that is successful can bring down even the heavy hitters in the game.

Blades/Claws/Fangs: See Logan. 'nuff said.

Leadership: In a high point game, this is an absolute must. The chance for another action in a turn can make or break your assault.

Telekinesis: A great way to move that Battle Fury limited juggernaut or Spiral into close combat with your opponent. I like to take Spiral and a Mandroid Armor, keep them in the back as a last line. If someone is getting too close, use Mandroid to get Spiral right up into their face, for some serious BCF fun!

Taxis: A taxi, in 'Clix lingo, is a flyer that carries around an attacker. A good cheap taxi would be Man Bat, Vulture or the Clobberin' Time Yellow Jacket. Unique or Veteran Wasp is another great taxi, but for a few more points. Veteran Steel is an example of a higher point taxi that can do some good damage on his own, so you're not just using someone to carry around another figure. With a good taxi/attacker combo, you can literally cover the entire length of the map.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Team ability: I have evolved into a HUGE SHIELD fan. I like to have at least 2 SHIELD members on every team I build. The Team ability SHIELD brings can make a regular Energy Explosion attack into a crippling blow.

Spider Man/Minions of Doom/Legion of Super heroes team Ability: As wildcards, the members of any of these teams can copy any team ability that any friendly figure has. Truly scary, when you have even one SHIELD member on your team.

Avengers/Brotherhood/JLA Team Ability: A free move is a free move, and when it is a flyer making that free move and taxiing an attacker, look out!

Superman Ally: That pesky Black Panther or Batman stealthed up? Not a problem for these X-ray vision wielding buddies of the Big Blue Boy Scout. they can shoot away to their hearts content, no stealth for you!

Defensive Powers/Strategy:

Probability Control: This power can win or lose not only a roll for you, but sometimes an entire game. Keep your PC'er within range of as much as possible, but make sure they have a bodyguard nearby, as PC'ers tend to be attack magnets. Most experienced players, when faced with a Scarlet Witch or Juggernaut, will try and take out that blasted Witch first, so that when they DO hit Juggy, she can't make them re-roll.

Outwit: One of the most evil powers in the game, period. Have a Superman bugging you? Outwit his Impervious and smack him with the Hulk. He'll fly away whining like a scalded dog, but only thanks to the Outwit unleashed on him first. Another great tactic is to Outwit your opponents Outwit, so he doesn't get a chance to use it. And it can be stacked, so if you have say, Flash, Batman, and Darkseid, you get to Outwit 3 different things. Evil.

Barrier: A well placed Barrier can be the difference between life and death in a game. And you don't need line of sight to where you want to place it. It only has to be in the range of the figure placing it, be 4 squares, and be adjacent to each other. A real life saver, available for low cost from Avalanche & Blizzard.

Incapacitate: This is one of the more expensive abilities, and many players don't give it the credit it deserves. But think about it: You can basically remove one of your opponents figures from their next turn, or force them to push that figure if they want to use it. And a multi target Incapacitate from Medusa can really limit your opponents options on their turn, by locking up more than one figure.

Invulnerability: beat on me, and I'll stand there and take it, minus 2 clicks. This power makes it awful hard to KO some figures. And helps keep some of your heavy hitters around into the late rounds.

Impervious: It's like Invulnerability on steroids! Beat on me, and I'll stand there and take it....maybe. And even if you hit, I'll be glad to subtract 2 clicks from that damage, thank you very much.

Regeneration: So your opponent has concentrated his efforts on your Hulk, Thanos, or Logan. That's fine, because most likely they have been giving as well as they've gotten. And just when he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, you toss a die, and viola', your figure is now back into what I like to call his "happy place," and they have to go about trying to destroy them all over again, another great way to demoralize and depress your opponent.

Plasticity: Want to tie up a foe for a good long time? Park a Plastic man or Clayface next to them. They will go nuts trying to roll that 6 needed for breakaway, or at least spend some attack time killing off that stretchy pest.

Mastermind: Want to keep that evil Dr. Doom around longer? Let him taxi around a Sandman or Hulk. No one will take a shot at him, and even if they do, he gets to push it all off on the lower cost figure, with Invulnerability or toughness coming in to play to boot. Doom looks at you and laughs that evil, metallic laugh.

Support: Send out your forces, let them lay waste to your foe. If some of them get beat down, run or taxi them back to your clinic for a quick shot of healing. Now they are fresh and ready to rejoin the fray.

Batman Ally: A must have for any team, can be obtained cheap with a rookie Robin, and copied by the wildcards mentioned above. It is frustrating for your opponent to want to take that shot at you, but not be able to because of that dang Batman stealth training.

Skrulls: So your opponent targets your Dr. Doom? That's fine. Before an attack roll can be made, first you get the chance to negate the entire thing. Maddening to him, potentially Doom saving to you.

So, there you have a few ideas on what to try to have on your teams. It sounds like a lot, but if you build it right, you can field a team with all or at least most of these abilities, or at least a nice mix of them, and be a true force to be reckoned with. Experiment with any or all of these abilities, play what works for you, but most of all, have fun doing it. It really is just a game, not a way of life, isn't it?

As always, make sure to check out www.wizkidsgames.com or www.hcrealms.com for the latest in Heroclix news, sneak peeks, and rules updates. If you have any questions, feel free to email me (
eMail HeroKlass). 
ntil next time, happy clicking!

Jeff Klass
Heroclix Judge