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Top 10 responses to Steve ordering the Edgeguys to pick up the litter in the parking lot

10) "Get bent."

 9) "If only the Flash were here. He could do it really fast."

 8) "Ya know...", "other comic shops have people to do that..."

 7) "I sat on the couch all day yesterday and my back hurts, I can't do any lifting!"

 6) "Can I get one of those wearable trash bags and a pointed stick?"

 5) [sigh] "Just last week I picked up my own fast-food wrappers, what more do you want?"

 4) "But I am the COMPUTER GUY!" "C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R GUY!" "Get it?"

 3) Reached in pocket and handed Steve pre-filled resignation.

 2) "Jahwol, mine commandant, at once."

and the number 1...

1) "But.. I... don't.. wanna..." [snif] "waaaahhh!"