Spider-man Movie Talk May 2002

SPOILER ALERT: The comments here may reveal some parts of the movie. If you haven't seen it and do not want to know anything about it, do not read beyond this...


 I knew going in that I didn't like the Goblin wearing a helmet (looks too much like a Power Ranger), a face as expressive as Defoe's would be great for maniacal Goblin shots. I knew that his web-shooters were now organic (makes sense), and obviously, they were blending his history a bit here and there. But, none of it mattered. Maguire lived up to my expectations as being Peter & Spidey perfectly. He was 100% believable. When Kirsten Dunst was named as MJ, I was unsure how well she'd fit the role; but after seeing the movie, she looks exactly like MJ did when Romita Sr drew her way back when. In fact, nearly every bit of casting was dead on, or at least near enough. Okay, maybe Flash Thompson could've looked better/truer, but who cares? The special effects do have a weird form of movement during a number of Spidey scenes, but the longer I watched, the more I think that was done to keep Spidey's movements looking odd and quirky (Spider-esque if you will), and not a limitation of the CGI format. The movie does a great job of mixing histories together, updating things for modern times, and still maintaining the essence of the story and the spirit of Spider-Man. I missed the reference to Eddie Brock that I keep hearing about, but got a chuckle from Peter being fired by Dr. Connors. Even though they make it seem as if MJ has an epiphany about the whole thing at the end, at least he DID NOT tell her who he is, unlike every single Batman movie so far. After seeing it, my only real complaint (and yes, there were more than a few little errors here and there) is that they should've altered Maguire's voice a bit while he has the mask on. Okay. That and the fact that the Goblin looks too much like a Power Ranger. But all in all, I really loved this movie, even after waiting more than 25 years to see it done right.
- Loren [South Package Customer]

Early in the movie the special effects looked a little cheesy, but I thought they really did a good job staying basically true to the character. (Organic webbing, I think, helped the movie be 1/2 hour shorter than it would have been.)
- Steve "Owner-Man" Collector's Edge Comics 05/09/2002
It was so good it made want to go out and fight crime!
- Kevin Zawicki 05/08/2002