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Top 10 comics customers asked for that never existed...

10) Sonic Distruptors #8 (DC canceled this series at #7, it was a 12 issue series)
 9) Kingdom Come #5 (Kingdom Come was 4 issues)
 8) Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Again #4 (sheesh, we had enough trouble getting  #3)
 7) X-Men: Evolution #10 (canceled before you could even order it)
 6) "that one with that guy from that other title" (sigh)
 5) Watchmen II: Hooded Justice Returns #1 (everyone always wants more Watchmen)
 4) Secret Wars The Movie Adaptation (don't ask)
 3) Form Of Water (oversize Wondertwins Alex Ross Book, a joke from Wizard)
 2) Oracle #6 (actually called Origin, many customers called it Oracle for reasons unknown)

and the number 1... 

1) Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator vs Wolverine vs Lady Death vs More Predators vs Witchblade vs Spawn vs RoboCop vs That chick from X-Files vs Alien Nation vs Batman (something is always versing something somewhere)