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By Ilija Stojsavljevic


That very title well could describe the story of my life in my corner of the world that I call reality. The column reader that shares the space of my  mind will thank me that I will not spare too many more words on that major  bit of insanity. Instead I wish to introduce the second remaining reader of  my column, (John donít worry I wonít tell them that you are waiting this column with baited breath!) to joy that I have found in Haven: The Broken City by DC Comics.

A writing team of Ashley-Jane Nicholaus and Matthew P. Schuster, that is new to me and to DC from what my feeble memory recalls (so we will proceed with that precedent so I no longer hurt my fragile mind), writes the comic while Ariel Oliveti provides the strangely alien yet perfect artwork for the series.

We were first introduced to Haven in a book that teamed my second favorite DC team book JLA with a city of extraterrestrial refugees that accidentally crash landed on the earth by the same creative team. That issue alone made me question why we needed another alien invasion of earth as it first seemed, but when that did not happen, I was strangely intrigued. The story piqued me enough to take a chance on the subsequent series that got immensely better when the JLA left after issue 2. Issue 3, which is my favorite issue of the young series, is an earnest exploration of the aliens by a reporter told from the perspective of that reporter. It made me care about the characters. It made me want to know about the world that the Havenites came from and wanted to desperately escape from. It has me craving for the 5th issue of the series as I write this now.

The series has made me think of what it would be like for me to be thrown into a situation outside of my normal reality of madness that exists outside of the comic books that I enjoy. It makes me question the strangeness of the world and how I will react to it when I finally decide to visit and survive in that alien place. But for the time being I will sit here in my reality and enjoy the greatest thing that man has ever invented, the comic book especially the Haven series.

In case you were wondering o faithful reader, the reason that the JLAers are my second favorite DC team has to do with the fact that the greatest team of all time the JSA are having an incredible run that if you are missing makes you more insane than me and that is a feat that is only possible in comics!

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