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Top 10 "Special Guest Villains"
(from the old 60s EDGEGuy TV show)

10) Scoutmaster played by Paul Lynde
 9) Admiral Future played by William Shatner

 8) 'Let It Ride' Gang played by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford & Joey Bishop

 7) Toughguy played by Steve McQueen

 6) Madam Fortuneteller played by Shirley MacLaine

 5) Perfesser Funk & Hipster played by Richard Roundtree and Flip Wilson

 4) Le femme La Liberali played by Barbra Streisand

 3) Clownface played by Hershel Krustofski

 2) Mr. Flame portrayed by Rock Hudson

and the number 1...

 1) Shyster Slick The Third played by Stanley Lieber