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by Steve Dobrzynski, owner

Welcome to a bold, new era in the Collector’s Edge Comics Newsletter.

As many of the readers of the old “Edge Fanzine” already know, the paper copy of the newsletter will no longer be produced in order to give the readers a more up-to-date version of what’s going on in; comics, the stores, people and opinions.

It was a long road getting here and I would like to acknowledge the hard work put into the EDGE’s last incarnations by contributor’s, editors, and staff of the Collector’s Edge. It was never easy but it was satisfying to see the finished product. I hope this web page version lives up to, and exceeds, it’s past reputation. 
The title of my submissions is being called “a sit-down with the boss” because of many Edge employees fascination with the HBO show called “The Sopranos”. It’s meant to mean that you can communicate directly with me on any matter that pertains to shop business and I will communicate to you what’s happening in the world of comics. You have a question? Just e-mail me and I will post your question and the answers on a weekly basis or as they come in.

Here are a few examples;

Q: How much does it cost to have a package subscription in your stores? – A. Customer
A: It costs you nothing other than the cost of your weekly comics and specialty items that you order. 
Q: Do you buy old comics? – Justin Thedoor 
A: Yes, I will evaluate your comics, tell you what they are worth, and make you a fair offer. Just remember that if your comic(s) are worth $100 you will not be offered that amount. You will get a fair percentage of that amount based on desirability and scarcity of your books.

Q: Who is the toughest man in the universe fiction or non-fiction? – K. Zawicki 
A: Homer Simpson. No doubt about it.

Webmaster Note: We will be collecting any questions into a FAQ (frequently asked questions).

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