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Top 10 Comic Book Spring Cleaning Tasks At The Edge

10) Steve gets his head waxed.
 9) Purge all canceled and removed items from computer system.
 8) Ilija gets his back & shoulders waxed.
 7) Vacuum couch, removing all hair, loose change, slices of pizza and lint.
 6) Clean bums and dumpster divers that didn't survive winter out of back dumpsters.
 5) Drink all soda expired by 6 months or more.
 4) Hose down Mike, removing basement rat scent.
 3) Bi-annual "employee" bathroom cleaning.
 2) Shred "blue" ledger that is shown to IRS and replace with secret "green" ledger after taxes are filed.

and the number one...

1) John (at West) might gather all dust bunnies over 6 inches in diameter and release them into the wild. Might.