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By Mike Lang


Look!!Ö.. Up in the sky...its a bird ...its a plane Öno its...wait, hold on, thatís not my line either. 

     Hello once again to all my readers. February has been a good month of comics I think or at least the stuff I read has been pretty good. The only thing is that it takes too long for books to come out. So who is your favorite super-hero?? Mine is really Spidey as much as I'd like to admit it but since I read more books that I did a year ago, I find myself looking to the past of other characters to find out more about them. Starting with Superman I have always been a fan of the Big Blue Boy Scout, but now I seem to like him even more cause of the fact of the hit T.V. show "Smallville" I think it is a very great show and each week it seems to impress me more and more. The show alone has not had a dull episode yet in my opinion, even though Superman isnít him yet, but Clark Kent takes us through and opens up new views to the comic and history of Superman.

     When the show first aired, I didnít think anything of it because I didnít read Superman at the time. Iit interested me because of comics and there are really no comic related shows on T.V. The first episode had me hooked and ever since I watch the show weekly or whenever it is new and try not to miss an episode. I mean we all can run, itís just that Clark can run faster. We all can pick up things, itís just that Clark can pick up heavier objects. If you read comics but you do not watch this show, I suggest that you watch an episode or two. You just might like it. Thanks for reading and you will hear from me soon again.

Iron Mike Lang

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