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On Line



by Kurt Wood


Well, I finally pulled it off.  I got a job at a comics shop.  Not just any comic shop, but the best in Wisconsin.  Now that the brown-nosing phase is done, I guess I should introduce my self.

My name is Kurt Wood, and I work Sundays out at West. I used to be the tall, lanky guy that sat on the couch.  Now I get to sit behind the counter and read all the comiÖ I mean, serve all the faithful Collectorís Edge patrons.  I look forward to what I hope will be a long tenure as one of the Edge Guys.

So, what do you need to know about me?  Well, Iíve been reading comics for 15 years (Iím turning 21 on Thanksgiving, so do the math).  DC Comics is my home, and has been as long as I have read comics.  I love all the characters (except for Anima, she was just irritating) and the mythos behind them.  Personal favorites from the DCU are Superman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, and Booster Gold.  I could list them all, but I want you to keep reading this and not start the ďMake Mine MarvelĒ Chant.

Yes, I do read Marvel. Captain America is my 2nd favorite hero of all time. Sorry Cap, but the Distinguished Competitionís big blue Boy Scout nudged you out of first.

My earliest memories of Marvel are 4 people that had amazing abilities.  These people had it all.  Stretching, flaming on, invisibility, rocks for skin, everything a growing boy needs.  If there had to be only one Marvel comic, it would be the Fantastic Four for me.

I also read many non-superhero books.  Crossgen is constantly top-notch, and Vertigo always shocks and surprises me.  There arenít enough war or espionage books out there, but I read those, too.  In short, I read it all.

Iím keeping this brief so I have stuff to write about later. If you do happen to come to West on a Sunday, make sure to say hi, and buy as much stuff as you can! I mean come on, Sundays can get lonely, and I can only read so many comics.  Who am I kidding; I could read comics all day!  Check you later!

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