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Top 10 reasons Collector's Edge Comics sucks
(from the competitions point of view)

Lousy extremely accurate hold & pull package system.
They have 3 locations, well la de da...
www.CollectorsEdgeComics.com only has daily updates; can't they do it more often?
The computer guy practically lives there, always caring about technical details, fixing problems before they happen, often working extra hard to get that one customer that one item. What an idiot.
You have to pay $2 cover charge to get in their stupid Annual New Year's Sale and all you get is a soda, very nice bag of comics, an entry into a drawing for a really cool prizes, and 25% off everything that day. That 25% doesn't even include supplies, like comic storage boxes. OK. Fine. It includes supplies.... Jerks.
They have a huge back issue stock that takes a long time to search through. So long, in fact, you have to let them know what you are looking for so THEY go and get it and have it ready and waiting for you or they ACTUALLY take you there and help you find what you need. Like they know where it is more than you
The store is always clean and tidy. Crazy neat freaks.
They email a newsletter every week like clockwork. Like clockwork! You know, Mussolini made the trains run on time, too. Lousy fascists.
Steve (the owner) works 6 days a week. Who does he think he is, god? Remember god worked 6 days and rested on the 7th. So he thinks he is god? Sheeesh.
and the number 1...
The managers and clerks talk to much; always asking if customers need help, getting customers their weekly stuff, or suggesting other comics. Like the other day, I walk in and the cute new girl clerk says, "Hi, can I help you?" Why can't they just leave people alone?