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Top 10 Birthday Wishes By Steve

10) I wish I wake up tomorrow and the whole buying the Edge thing was a dream.
 9) I wish I had put extra cheese on that burger I ate yesterday.
 8) I wish I could find the hidden gold in basement vault.
 7) I wish I would've just gotten the Ace, King, & Jack of Diamonds I needed for that royal flush when I bet it all in Vegas.
 6) I wish those guys would make one last Monty Python reunion movie.
 5) I wish I could go just 3 hours without encountering incompetence.
 4) I wish I had 2 SYSOPs working for me.
 3) I wish I could handle booze as well as Mad Serb.
 2) I wish Homer borrowed me his duplicating hammock to create an army of me to get those extra projects done.

and the number one...

 1) I wish the Edge had a cheerleading squad made up of supermodels dressed like Supergirl and Mary Marvel... and they all called me "Stevey".