At the movies with Mervyn


By Shane Mervyn
Okay, first up is The Time Machine, which was awesome, and the critics who hated this movie must have been on the rock. I thought this movie satisfied any viewer by giving the public Morlocks, the second best concept in theatrical history since the monkey. 

Next up is a list of my favorite comic book movies that never had a comic.

1. Amadeus: The biography of Mozart, composer and fancy lad.
This movie is also the best screen adaptation of Dr. Doom, well portrayed by F. Murray Abraham. His hatred of Reed Richar...I mean Mozart elevates this film from a costume drama to a wicked study of blind hate, there's even a cool part where Abraham throws on a black death mask and cloak to torture rotten little fancy pants Mozart to the edge of sanity, and we the audience love him for it. EVIL RULES!

2. Zero Effect
Anybody who is reading Ruse from Crossgen, this should be right up your alley. Another stab at the consulting detective, Zero Effect is a good solid mystery in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, in which Bill Pullman gives an outstanding performance as detective Daryl Zero. Also starring Ben Stiller as an updated Watson. A must see for any of you Ruse or Holmes fans.

3. The Brides of Dracula
This movie stars the world's greatest actor, Peter Cushing as Prof. Van Helsing. The cool part about Brides of Dracula was that Dracula did not appear in the movie, rather we were treated to the adventures of Van Helsing. For everybody who read Tomb Of Dracula, this film dovetails nicely into the realm of the super-hero, with Cushing as the baddest traveling vampire hunter ever put to film. (Sorry Blade, you're a close second.)

So those are my top three coolest comic book movies that never had a comic, but each film borrows from the comic world to visualize their stories. And in closing please E-mail us here at the Edge with your picks of cool movies that comic book fans might like, but never had a comic. 

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