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By Jeff Klass

HeroClix Invade South!

For anyone that missed it, the Edge crew was kind enough to clean out the back room of South for the New Years Sale so my friends and I could put on a HeroClix demo.

First, I would like to thank my friends that helped out. Dale, (another approved HC Judge), for bringing his custom 3D city down from Grafton and helping answer game questions. Steve, (Pending HC Judge), for letting me haul him down there to play the game all day and answering questions. Chad, for allowing himself to be dragged away from football games to play all day, Craig, for coming down and playing as long as he could, and Amy, (Craig's' girlfriend), for coming down and lending support.

I would also like to thank Steve for bringing this up to me weeks ago, as a way to introduce more people to the game and a way to let us show off our 2 custom city maps. Kevin, Dave, and all the rest of the Edgeheads for their logistical and other support. And, of course, my wife Janine, for putting up with all this HeroCrack madness that has taken over her husbands free time.

I would estimate that we had 30 people come over to our side, either just to check out the buildings, or watch games in progress, ask questions, or get in a game themselves. There was the Mage Knight player, Josh, who seemed to really take to HeroClix, and is looking forward to playing again. There was the father and his 3 sons there, who has just started playing recently, and wanted to clear up some questions he had about the game, and the MPD cop, whose name escapes me (darn! now I can't name drop next time I get stopped), who was quite an accomplished player, but was gracious enough to "suffer through" playing a game with a newbie. (First time player.) He was kind enough to offer suggestions to his opponent on how to defeat him, trying to show how the powers and characters work, knowing that it could hurt his own team. That's sportsmanship!

There was a lot of interest in other players building 3D terrain for themselves, so I will give anyone interested in an easy, cheap way to get started a link to go to:


Try this site out. You will find reasonably priced downloadable pdf format sheets and instructions for 3D buildings. If you play 'Clix, but have never played on 3D terrain, you are surely missing out. I wouldn't say it add realism as much as it adds virtual realism. By that I mean the lines of fire, and different elevations don't need to be imagined, they are right there to be played on. You don't have to go grand scale like Dale did, with a 5' X 5' custom 5 building 36" high city, or even as far as I did on mine, which I call ghetto fabulous. Just a couple simple buildings, to give the 3D buildings some real effect in the game. Try 3D, I guarantee you'll like it enough to never go back.

There were also a few people that came in just to see some of my figures, because they didn't have that particular one yet, and wanted to see what it looked like in real life. I was more than happy to show anyone anything they wanted to see. One of the most popular figures I was showcasing was the Bruce banner Limited Edition from Infinity Challenge. I myself was honestly stunned when someone told me they had just seen it going for over $200.00 on e-bay. I paid nowhere near that for mine. So I guess my retirement will be taken care of by selling off HeroClix, huh?

We stayed for 7 hours, playing multiple games, answering dozens of questions, and hopefully turning dozens of people on to the game. I don't know if we helped move WizKids product off the shelves, but if we did, all the better. I just want as many people playing this game as possible, because I think it is a lot of fun, is always different, and is truly a cross-generational game that can be enjoyed by almost all ages.

But was 7 hours of HeroClix demo enough? I think not! If you would like to see the cities again, and would like to participate in another demo, or even a sealed booster tournament, sanctioned with prize support from WizKids, (did someone say Limited Edition figures as prizes)? let Steve at the South store know, and I am sure he and I will be able to work something out in the near future.

Until then, remember, answers to questions and play tips can be found at:

Thanks for coming to the Demo, and thanks for reading this column.

Jeff Klass
WizKids Judge for the HeroClix line

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