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Top Ten Comic Book Musings Of The SYSOP's 5 Year Old And 2 1/2 Year Old Sons


Often refer to themselves as the Dynamic Duo; Batman… and Other Batman.

They do not have EVERY DC character action figure so they make substitutes: Batman & Robin Movie Mister Freeze is Captain Cold, Oversize Hulk is Solomon Grundy, Black Suit Superman is Bizarro, the "broken head" Flash is Professor Zoom, etc.
Tucking and repairing makeshift capes, belts and Carterangs is a daily occurrence.
Since they learned to work the DVD player by themselves, watching Batman Animated DVD Volumes are a daily routine, often starting at 6 a.m.
When reading comics to them, you have to read the advertisements and work it into the story or they get upset.
Are 100% convinced that the Marvel Super Hero credit card commercial is a movie coming out soon and dad won’t let them see it.
"When I grow up I wanna be just like my dad and work at the comic store, read comic books all day, play with action figures, AND drink soda."
While eating Justice League fruit snacks, they pretend to be Solomn Grundy or Gorilla Grodd, shout out the hero's name and "fly" them into their mouths while the fruit snack screams "Noooo. aaaeeeiiiyy!"
Whenever dad offers to take them into his basement office to play and give mom a break, they yell out, "Quick. To the office. We haven't one moment to lose." and run down the stairs.
and the number 1...
Whenever there is trouble "Captain Nathan" appears and Nathan is nowhere to be found. Nathan mysteriously returns minutes after "Captain Nathan" saves the day and leaves. Hmmm...