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By Jeff Klass

Get Ready To Xplode!

Well, they're at it again. By the time this is read, the next "Big Fig" for HeroClix, i.e., Sinestro, should be available at the Edges. Most likely, Sinestro will be scalable power wise, much like the Sentinels are, with a 300, 200, and 100 point version being available, depending on how many clicks you give the dial before playing him.

He looks great, I just wish they had figured out a way to actually remove the Sinestro figure form the yellow construct he is riding in and make him playable as well. Don't be surprised if a playable regular sized Sinestro fig shows up in a future DC expansion.

But there really is no future DC expansion on the horizon as of yet. The rumors are that there will be one, and it will be called Emerald Dawn, with (obvious) heavy emphasis on Green Lantern being part of the set. They already have a team ability for the Green Lantern Corps, so we all know GL's can't be far behind. Plus it makes no sense really, to have a Sinestro, the archenemy of GL in DC 'clix, and no GL's. So take heart, you Corps fans, they will be out sooner than you think.

But this column is really about March, specifically on or around the 25th. That is when the next Marvel expansion is due out. It WILL be called Xplosion. Originally, it was rumored to be named Excelsior, but since Stan the Man dropped that lawsuit on Marvel's head, I think they changed the name, bad blood and all you know.

The ad sheet for Xplosion can be seen at www.hcrealms.com Figures confirmed for the set are:

Wolverine as Weapon X (unique)
Daredevil, maybe a playable one this time
Hulk (unique) rumored to be over 200 points, a real beast

There is also heavy speculation that Iron Man will be in this set, as if you go to hcrealms, and look at the boosters on the ad sheet, you can see Ol' Shellhead plain as day on the front of a booster.

The set will have 96 figures total, just like Clobberin' Time, the ratio of uniques to R/E/V figures has yet to be released. Also, please note that as this is an expansion set, you will need a starter of either Infinity Challenge or Hypertime to play with the Xplosion figures. That means no new maps.

Expect to see some more X-men, as the name of the expansion and the sequel coming out coincide nicely. Also don't be surprised to see another Spiderman figure, and Elektra again. Spidey shows up again and again because of his solid fan base, and Elektra is not only obviously in the new Daredevil movie, she is also a favorite of one of the high ups at WizKids.

So make sure you head over to your nearest Collectors Edge around march 25th and load up on Xplosion boosters. Build your team, practice, then get a hold of me and we can throw down against each other in the hottest game on the planet, HeroClix!

Jeff Klass
Heroclix Judge

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