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By Jack Larsen


Rich Koslowski

Rich Koslowski is a comic book writer and artist who has worked for Archie Comics and has also produced the creator owned books Three Geeks and Geeksville. The characters in these books were first introduced in the one shot entitled How To Pick Up Girls If You're a Comic Book Geek. Mr. Koslowski is a former Collector's Edge Comics employee and has used the various store locations as well as co-workers and customers as inspiration in his work. Even though we both hail from the same area and frequent the same comic shops and conventions, it wasn't until the March 1st, 2003 at the MegaCon convention in Florida that I had a chance to speak with him. He was there promoting his new graphic novel that he wrote and illustrated, Three Fingers.

Friv5: It's five questions, non-comic related, that we have been asking all of the different creators.
Rich Koslowski:

Friv5: What is the greatest movie of all time?
Rich Koslowski:
Shawshank Redemption.
That is my girlfriend's favorite movie.
Rich Koslowski: That's the first one that popped into my head. Although, I could've had a list of about fifty of them.

Friv5: Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll? Please explain.
Rich Koslowski:
Rock and Roll! I am not a country guy. Not at all.

What is your favorite soup?
Rich Koslowski:
Friv5: Yeah.
Rich Koslowski:
Favorite soup would be the clam chowder that they serve the Maiden Voyage in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Friv5: Who is your favorite Muppet and why?
Rich Koslowski:
Beaker because he was just so sad. He was just so, so sad. I love that guy.
Friv5: You could team up with George Perez. He chose Bunsen Honey Dew.
Rich Koslowski:
Laughs] Oh really? I went to high school with a kid in shop class who looked just like him. He was the human version of Beaker and every time I saw him I went, "Me me me me me." [in his best Beaker voice]. He didn't like it that much.

Friv5: And the final question is, is it better to give or receive?
Rich Koslowski:
Give! Absolutely! Absolutely.

Friv5: Thank you very much.
Sandra Koslowski (Rich's wife who was standing with us at the convention): I know your favorite movie. Memento
Rich Koslowski: What? Memento? Yeah, that's top five. Same with the Usual Suspects. Shawshank is still so kick-ass.


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