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By Jeff Klass


[SYSOP Note: Jeff Klass, (faithful Collector's Edge customer for many years & our resident HEROCLIX expert) was coaxed into writing a little intro to HEROCLIX. Jeff is on his way to becoming an official HEROCLIX judge, loves the game, and will be hosting a HEROCLIX demonstration / workshop at the New Year Sale this year.]


Who's your favorite mainstream hero? Spidey, one of the X-men, the Bat or the Big Blue Boy scout, perhaps?

Well, whoever it is, chances are pretty good that they are being represented by WizKids in their mega popular HEROCLIX games. Between Marvel Infinity Challenge, the DC Hypertime set, and the newly released Marvel Clobberin' Time expansion set, you can have access to over 375 different heroes and villains to battle with. And don't forget the Sentinels, those huge purple machines of total destruction, out now, or Sinestro, Green Lanterns nemesis, out in January 2003. For you Independent fans, there is an IndyClix set coming out, most likely in March, as well as long term plans for more expansions.

I would tell you who is in the IndyClix set, but WizKids keeps that kind of information sealed up tighter than NASA. Rumored characters are:

No confirmed figures at this time

Shi - WizKids press release
Kabuki - WizKids press release
Danger Girl - WizKids press release
Hellboy - Movie in 2003
Judge Dredd - 2000 AD flagship character
Awryn from Sojourn - CrossGen flagship character
Lady Death - Chaos flagship character (may be out due to Chaos' leaving, may be in due to being licensed by CrossGen)

So, as you can see, WizKids is trying to keep everyone happy, everyone playing, and everyone buying HEROCLIX. The happiness part may never be fully obtained, because inevitably there will be characters left out, or characters that could be better represented, and you just cannot please all the people all of the time. The buying part is easy, as long as you have 20 dollars for a starter set, and 7 for your boosters, you're good to go.

The playing is what might be keeping a lot of you away, and I hope to help with that. Let me first give you a quick background on me, and I will try to be brief. I'm the guy that cleans the windows at the Edges, as well as a client, from way back when North was on Appleton, South was across the street, and there was an East and Waukesha store. I've watched not only the Edges grow up, but the guys behind the counters as well, even to today's owner, going from a Sunday West counter guy to the current Milwaukee Kingpin of Comicdom. Quite a journey.

On a trip to pick up my books at South last April, I saw a little Spider Man figure in the case. I asked Dave what the heck it was, and how much it was, and he told me it was a Promo figure for "some kinda new game thing they have coming out, kinda like Mage Knights, but with Marvel heroes." And Spidey wasn't for sale, but the game was coming out in May. So May came, I thought I would buy a starter set, just to get a Spider Man, because anyone that may know me knows that I am a Spider-Fan. No luck with the first 2 starters, and the first 3 boosters, but I did have quite a collection of figures going. Somewhere along the way I actually played a game with some friends of mine. We didn't have a clue what we were doing, but it sure was cool moving these little heroes around trying to "KO" each other. HEROCLIX suddenly became our Thursday night post-Smackdown game of choice, unseating frenetic 4 player Dreamcast action. And that was NOT an easy thing to do. Mind you, this is also with non comic collecting friends, all big time into HerClix now, just because of the variety and fun that the game offers.

Fast forward to today, and I have the complete Marvel Infinity Challenge set, with 2 Sentinels, the entire DC Hypertime set, with Sinestro on the way, and am, as I type, 6 characters short on Clobberin' Time, with that to be completed within a week. I have read where they are called little plastic pieces of crack. If that is true, than I might just need some rehab. I have subsequently built a 3-D city to play on, based on the original outdoor map, 3' X 3'. That inspired a good friend of mine to build his own, customized city, 5' X 5', which we have played on once so far.

Both cities will be on display, and in play, at the Collectors Edge New Years sale, Sunday, January 5, at South. Please feel free to come in and check them out, watch us play, ask us any questions you may have, and get in on a game if you want.

[SYSOP Note: watch our New Year Sale page for details]

It isn't as hard as it may look to play, and you may end up not only having a blast, but becoming a HEROCLIX addict like so many others I know. If you want more information on HEROCLIX, I would recommend a couple of websites to you. One is www.hcrealms.com, and of course there is always www.wizkidsgames.com to check out all the figures, rules, and FAQ on the game.

If I am fortunate enough to again be asked to contribute to Edge E-zine, I will write next about how to play, and some of the rules that come into play during games.
[SYSOP Note: we hope Jeff will do a reoccurring column on HEROCLIX]

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to email me. I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

Jeff Klass