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By Ilija Stojsavljevic

The only reality I know is the one I exist in or
 another column from the MAD SERB!

Hello one and only reader! I know it has been a long time since I last infuriated you with my wit, vim and vigor (see Steve-Dave, I knew I would use the vocabulary that you taught me). I have been stuck in the malady that assails my generation, slacking! Especially after I became unemployed, itís amazing how much less you can do with more time on your hands. But alas this morning I have finally been inspired to write a new round of wisdom for you! (The dribble that my other half writes should never be considered wisdom!)

Iím back from the task that took me away from writing this new assault on the English language and the intelligent mind that reads this column (you are the only person that reads this column and I know that your half of this mind is not intelligent!). Itís amazing how easily one is taken away from important tasks. ( Especially if, that idiot mind has the attention span of a monkey! ).

I have been ranting and raving about Fables from DCís Vertigo line to many customers of the South store, now I will put some of my illogical reasoning on cyber-paper to pollute your mind. After I read the first issue, I knew that it was a fresh take on an old subject, fairy tale and fable characters, but not until the second issue did I truly appreciate the genius of the series. Bill Willingham, the creative mind behind the series writes the book, with artwork for the first story-arc by Lan Medina and Steve Leialoha. It is an inspired take on these old characters. They live in New York in a part of the city called Fabletown, with the characters that canít pass as human living upstate on a farm, although we do get to meet one of the animals in the first story and that is a great scene. The first story involves the apparent murder of Rose Red who is Snow Whiteís sister. The murder is investigated by the Big, Bad Wolf, who is in charge of security and Snow White is the deputy mayor of Fabletown. Many other favorites appear in the series including Boy Blue, the Beauty and the Beast, Jack of the beanstalk fame, and a great take on Prince Charming, with many others to follow. 

The reason to read this series is the well-written and dialogued story with beautiful art which isnít necessarily the norm for a Vertigo title. (Something my other half knows well because he canít produce either!) It is a book I look forward to each month, plus you get the occasional winged monkey and as you all know when there are primates in a story it has to be good! (Now I want some of what you are smoking because that is something a certain North Store Manager would say.) This is also one of the few books I look forward to and wait for each month.

Let me also mention a few other titles that have caught my eye recently, Daredevil and Exiles from Marvel, Midnight Mass, JSA, and Legion from DC Comics and Skinwalkers from Oni Press. I was going to write this article about Crossgen, but a certain article by an intelligent fan boy beat me to the point last month. So you my faithful reader will have to wait until next time to get additional insight on that great line of books. And you John will have to watch your back for foiling my evil master plan. Watch It! Remember I have extra time to plot the downfall. (Please disregard the last few statements in this article because they are from a man with too much time on his hands. And John despite what my other half is attempting to say I still look forward to your far too infrequent column!)

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