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Top 10 Similarities between Star Trek and the Edge

10) Vulcans mate only once every 7 years.
    Serbian Edgeguys would be damn lucky to mate even once every 7 years.

 9) Red shirt crewmen often do not return from away missions.
    Mike & Kyle often wear red, and often do not return from the basement.

 8) Picard, captain of the Enterprise, is bald.
    Steve, owner of the Edge is also bal... um, well, one hell of nice guy.

 7) Starfleet crewmen consume synthahol that has no adverse effects.
    The Edgeguys drink cheap booze and get bombed.

 6) Warping time is a common Star Trek story plot twist.
    Wasting time is a common Edgeguy story plot twist.

 5) Spock is logical and suppresses his emotions.
    SYSOP is logical and enflames other peoples emotions.

 4) Spaceships can travel at WARP speed.
    Kurt once drove 83 m.p.h. to get to North on time.
 3) There have been 9 space ships called Enterprise.
    There have been 9 comic shops called Collector's Edge.

 2) Romulan Nuetral Zone.
    Rogman Nuetral Zone.

and the number 1...

1) Deep Space Nine is often filled with various aliens that speak different languages and have odd customs. 
   Ever seen Collector's Edge WEST on new comics day?