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Cerebus Trades by Dave Sim


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Reprints Cerebus #1-25. The first chapter in Dave Sim's epic series-the longest running independent b&w comic published!


Reprints Cerebus #26-50. Cerebus is swept up into the world of high power politics in Iest and runs for Prime Minister!


Reprints Cerebus #51-80. A face from Cerebus's past returns with an offer he can't refuse. But the gray one has learned a few lessons from the powers that be and turns the tables on the would-be puppet masters.


Reprints Cerebus #81-111. The action picks up right after the cliffhanger at the end of part one of Church and State. Cerebus attempts to regain his lost throne amidst warnings of a larger crisis. Mountain climbing, the introductions of Prince Mick and Prince Keef (exactly who you might think they are), the Super Secret Sacred Wars, and an Ascension to Vanaheim mark this second half of the Church and State opus.


Reprints Cerebus #112-138. A wandering Cerebus runs into Jaka for a while, who is working in a tavern. He ends up staying with her, and her husband Rick for a while. Jaka's backstory is divulged via an Oscar Wilde type parody.


Reprints Cerebus #139-150. Fnds our Aardvark hero, believing Jaka to be dead, taking up residence in Dino's Cafe, clutching her childhood doll, Missy, and his sword.


Reprints Cerebus #151-162. This volume concerns the fight between the newly established matriarchy and the opposing 'daughterarchy.' Cerebus, trying to regain the power he lost when the matriarchal Cirinists took over, heads down a fateful, blood-soaked path.


Reprints Cerebus #163-174. These issues feature the first appearances of Swoon and Snuff, the Cerebus Sandman parody, Cirin, Astoria, and Cerebus, as well as many revelations about the nature of the nature of Cirinism and Kevillism.


Reprints Cerebus #175-186. The long-awaited showdown between Cerebus and Cirin, was called everything from 'the Mein Kampf of comics' to 'the nearest reproduction of a mystical experience in print form.' Is it neither? Both? Or something in between?


Reprints Cerebus #187-200. Brings the 1,000 page Mothers & Daughters storyline to a surprising conclusion. Included are appearances by the Young Cerebus, Jaka, and others.


Reprints Cerebus #201-219. The most popular Cerebus storyline since 'Jaka's Story' is reprinted in its entirety. 'Alcohol is free-and there's no last call.' Prince Mick, Mrs. Thatcher, Harrison Starkey and Richard George, Alec, Marty, Bear...they're all here, so pull up a barstool and get ready to laugh!


Reprints Cerebus #220-231. Picking up where 'Guys' left off, it seems as if Cerebus is never going to get out of that stupid tavern when along comes Rick Nash, Jaka's former husband, now a would-be writer. Rick's memoirs take a very strange turn as he takes up residence. Then along comes Cerebus' former squeeze, Joanne, and that's when the fun really begins.


Reprints Cerebus #232-250. After Jaka's return, she and Cerebus head north to Cerebus' boyhood home in Sand Hills Creek. But will they get there? Features guest appearances by Greg Hyland, Rick Veitch, Alan Moore, and others, including F. Stop Kennedy. Reprints the notes on 'Fall and the River' and 'Chasing Scott.'


Reprints Cerebus #251-265. In the concluding half of the 'Going Home' storyline, meet Ham Ernestway, the only writer capable of turning Cerebus into a complete drooling fanboy. Ham and his wife Mary guide Cerebus and Jaka along The Chesmi River Trail, north to Sand Hills Creek, Cerebus' boyhood home. Includes the collected notes on Form & Void, 'To Ham & Ham Not.'


Reprints Cerebus #266-288. Includes 'This Aardvark, This Shepherd,' as well as The Three Wise Fellows, Moshie, Loshi, and Koshie. Plus, Cerebus in his Rabbie 'secret idolatry.' Also, Konigoberg, the Not-So-Good Samaritan stars in 'the movie within the graphic novel,' and Cerebus' commentaries on the Pentateuch.


Reprints Cerebus #289-300. The 240-page conclusion to comics' first 6,000-page graphic novel. Follow Cerebus' last day on Earth as he deals with debilitating aches and pains, memory loss, political turmoil, indigestion, incontinence, and when, exactly, is his son going to come to pay a visit? Includes complete annotations by Dave Sim.