Under The Sea


By Shane Mervyn


Shane Mervyn here again with a few ideas about the sea; in comics the most under-rated characters are those who hail from the murky depths. Every time a company launches a new character, what do they have in common? They patrol their city, and fight crime, and breathe air. Readers usually love them, but I've never seen Batman or Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkman or even Captain America talk to one fish. Come on now, who else can talk to the fish! Aquaman is still considered the weak link in the JLA. I mean like half of all crime in the world could be stopped if they let Aquaman interrogate aquariums at the hideouts of criminals, but they specifically leave him out so as to not get upstaged. I know of at least five separate occasions where Batman has flushed a witness rather than lose his reputation as a great detective, and for that matter, in a fight, Aquaman would clean his clock in about 2 seconds. The other half of the picture is Namor, who has excelled in almost anything he's ever done, Namor gets the respect (as he should), But the exposure he deserves is something that Marvel is addressing right now in the pages of The Order, which is about the coolest book on the stands. But where is Aquaman? Why am I not reading new Aquaman right now?

At least he's only missing, and not dead, cause if he were, the JLA would be lost and aimless, stumbling over their own feet. To be fair the JLA are holding their own, and maintaining a great comic that has been a pleasure to read on a monthly basis but do you think Wonder Woman would have had her recent problems with Aquaman there to guide them? I didn't think so either. And what about the fish? With no one to talk to and listen to their problems, they are gonna get itchy. Pretty soon the fish are gonna lose it, eat the swimmers, sink the boats, disrupt the shipping lanes, destroy the global economy, and turn on their human masters. Superman can't stop this, heck no one could except Aquaman, proving my point that he is the greatest hero ever! Hurry up DC! the fish are getting restless, I'm getting restless, and the Justice League is helpless to prevent it! P.S. Our time is short! I was at Red Lobster, and the lobster gave me the finger! (Or at least the clawed equivalent).

Shane Mervyn will return...