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Top 10 Reasons Edgeguy Mike Lang Joined The U.S. Airforce

10) Couldn’t stop singing that "Army... Navy... Air Force... Marines..." recruiting song.
9) Heard that there might not be a next season of Smallville.
8) Sysop convinced him to try to get Project Blue Book restarted.
7) Read every comic in basement; felt it was time to move on...
6) Wanted to join the fight against Commie-Nazis.
5) Edgeguy Command ordered him to infiltrate "Area 51".
4) Will volunteer for Project Silver Shield & become Captain Atom, Jr.
3) Chicks dig a guy in uniform.
2) Thought having a nickname like “Maverick" was cool. Later found out the movie Top Gun was really about the Navy, but joined the Air Force anyway.

and the number one...

 1) Confronted Steve and demanded more money or he would run away and join Air Force.
   [Steve replied, "Request denied, Airman Lang."]