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Top 10 Answers To The 2004 Edge Trivia Contest

10) Latveria. Remember it being mentioned in one of the worst movies of all time...."Fantastic Four".
(question #7: What country does Dr. Doom rule?)

9) The Kessel Run
(question #34: Sersi, Arak and Ikaris were all part of which cosmic race?)

8) The closet in the fortress of solitude
(question #36: Where did the Superman Emergency Squad call home?)

7) Hitler Sucks!
(question #71: What was the Invaders battle cry?)

) Extraterrestrial Parasite that looks like a Star Fish. Tricky question. Was not able to get a specific "race". Even posted to the rec.arts.comics.dc.universe news group and got no definitive answer. So I have no idea what exactly you guys are looking for. Seems like the bigger question is Starro cool?
(question #9: What kind of creature was Starro the Conqueror?)

5) I'd name her Martha. All comic mothers are Martha
(question #44: Name the Black Panther's mother.)

4) Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow - followed closely by Carter Hall/Hawkman and Shazam. (must be those big shoulders and upper arms) Now just how do you know to score this question? I could be lying thru my teeth. Tell you what, if I get near the first or second prize this year, please dock me points for this question. I really don't care for either of the 1st or 2nd prizes. Ask Kurt, I almost didn't bother with the trivia contest this year. He talked me into it. I'm serious. Take away all the points you need to for my being so long winded on this one. Okay? Thanks, and hope everyone had a great holiday season. See I could go on forever with this if you don't agree to take off the necessary points. But I suspect you're ready to go along with my request by now. Ta!
(question #13: Who is your favorite comic book character?)

3) Wonder Woman - the first (and hopefully last) BLOND Greek princess, played by Cathy Lee Crosby. Of course, they went to the screen with a blond Punisher too. Who makes up these decisions? They need a Letters Page so we can respond to these travesties.
(question #3: Name the character [picture of Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman].)

2) Communist superpowered red apes, aka Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork.
(question #21: Who are the Red Ghost's accomplices?)

and the number one...

1) The theme from Flashdance
(question #40: What was the Edgeguys Halloween theme for October 2003?)