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By Mike Lang

"the basement"

     Hello to all my readers once again. This time I thought I would give you readers a little input about the basement and other things that are happening with myself at the Edge. First of all I'd like to say that the basement is pretty cold at times, which really sucks, but what can you do? In my own opinion the basement is like the Batcave of comics just because of all of the comics and its size.

     You probably wonder what I do in the basement. Well, I file back issues of comics (mainly Marvel and DC but every now and then some Indy's). Since working in the basement I have seen some very weird comics, anything from wrestling comics to football comics with actual football games in them and NASCAR comics. Plus old war comics and some really weird things on historical stuff.

     I like filing the Marvel and DC comics better because I'm much faster at filing them because they are in one area and itís easy to remember where the stuff is located. Recently I havenít been in the basement for along time, there hasnít been a lot of filing and I get to go upstairs. I recently began working behind the counter and for the first 2 weeks I was really nervous about it. I was shaking and everything (and Steve laughed at me). I'm not as nervous anymore because I have gotten used to how things work. I recently found out that I am not the new guy anymore and thatís a good thing. I hope the whole Robo-Kyle thing will stop soon too, I mean its cool and all but I think I need a new nickname now. Well you will hear from me soon again...

Mike Lang

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