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Holy Something Batman - said by Robin in the Batman 60s TV show?

Holy agility

Holy alphabet

Holy Alps

Holy alter ego

Holy anagrams

Holy apparition

Holy armadilloes

Holy armour plate

Holy ashtray

Holy asp

Holy astringent plum-like fruit

Holy astronomy

Holy autobon

Holy backfire

Holy ball and chain

Holy bank deposits

Holy bankruptcy

Holy banks

Holy bargain basements

Holy barracuda

Holy bat-logic

Holy bat-trap

Holy Benedict Arnold

Holy bijou

Holy Bill of Rights

Holy birthday cake

Holy Blackbeard

Holy blackout

Holy blank cartridge

Holy blizzard

Holy bluebeard

Holy bouncing boiler-plated fits

Holy bulls-eye

Holy bunyons

Holy caffeine

Holy camouflage

Holy Caruso

Holy catastrophe

Holy cats

Holy chicken coop

Holy chillblaines

Holy chocolate eclair

Holy Cinderella

Holy cinemascope

Holy cliche

Holy cliffhangers

Holy clockwork

Holy cold creeps

Holy complications

Holy conflagration

Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors

Holy corpusles

Holy cosmos

Holy crack-up

Holy crossfire

Holy crucial moment

Holy cryptology

Holy crystal ball

Holy dart

Holy Davey Jones

Holy dead end

Holy deposit slip

Holy detonation

Holy detonator

Holy deviltry

Holy dilemna

Holy disappearing act

Holy distortion

Holy diversionary tactics

Holy eggshells

Holy Einstein

Holy encore

Holy epicure

Holy epigrams

Holy escape hatch

Holy explosion

Holy false front

Holy fate worse than death

Holy felony

Holy finishing touches

Holy fireworks

Holy firing squad

Holy fishbowl

Holy flight plan

Holy flip-flop

Holy floodgate

Holy floor covering

Holy fly trap

Holy flypaper (twice)

Holy fog

Holy forecast

Holy fork in the road

Holy Fourth Amendment

Holy Fourth of July

Holy Frankenstein

Holy fratricide

Holy fruit salad

Holy fugitives

Holy funny bone

Holy gall

Holy gambles

Holy gemini

Holy geography

Holy ghost writer

Holy giveaways

Holy Golden Gate

Holy graft zepplin

Holy grammar

Holy graveyard

Holy greed

Holy green card

Holy guacamole

Holy gullibility

Holy gunpowder

Holy haberdashery

Holy hailstorms

Holy hairdo

Holy hallelujah

Holy hamburger

Holy Hamlet

Holy hamstrings

Holy handiwork

Holy happenstance

Holy hardest metal in the world

Holy harem

Holy haziness

Holy headache

Holy headlines

Holy heart failure

Holy heartbreak

Holy helmets

Holy helplessness

Holy here we go again

Holy hidal burn (?)

Holy hieroglyphics

Holy high wire

Holy hijack

Holy hijackers

Holy history

Holy hoaxes

Holy hole in a donut

Holy Hollywood

Holy holocaust

Holy homecoming

Holy homework

Holy homicide

Holy hood-wink

Holy hoofbeats

Holy horseshoes

Holy hostage

Holy hot foot

Holy hot spot

Holy Houdini

Holy human collector's item

Holy human pearls

Holy human pearls

Holy human pressure cookers

Holy human surfboards

Holy hunting horn

Holy hurricane

Holy hutzpah

Holy hydraulics

Holy hyperdermics

Holy hypnotism

Holy hypotheses

Holy ice skates

Holy iceberg

Holy icepicks

Holy impossibility

Holy impregnability

Holy incantation

Holy inquisition

Holy interplanetary yard stick

Holy interruptions

Holy iodine

Holy IT&T

Holy Jack-in-the-Box

Holy jackpot

Holy jail break

Holy jawbreaker

Holy jelly moulds

Holy jet set

Holy jetset

Holy jigsaw puzzle

Holy jitterbug

Holy journey to the center of the earth

Holy karate

Holy karats

Holy keyhole

Holy keyring

Holy kilowatts

Holy kindergarten

Holy knit one pearl two

Holy knockout drops

Holy known/unknown flying objects

Holy Koufax

Holy Las Vegas

Holy levitation

Holy living end

Holy lodestone

Holy looking glass

Holy love birds

Holy Luthor Burbank

Holy madness

Holy magician

Holy mainframe

Holy mashed potatoes

Holy masked potatoes

Holy masquerade

Holy matador

Holy mechanical armies

Holy mechanical marvel

Holy memory bank

Holy mermaid

Holy mesmerism

Holy metronome

Holy miracle

Holy miscast

Holy missing relatives

Holy molars

Holy Motor Von Bon

Holy movie moguls

Holy mucelage

Holy multitudes

Holy murder

Holy mush

Holy naivete

Holy nerve center

Holy New Year's Eve

Holy nick of time

Holy nightmare

Holy non-sequiturs

Holy oil factory

Holy olee-o

Holy olfactory

Holy one track batcomputer mind

Holy ordeuvres

Holy oversight

Holy oxygen

Holy paraffin

Holy Parefski

Holy perfect pitch

Holy piano

Holy pin cushions

Holy polar front

Holy polar ice sheet

Holy popcorn

Holy precision

Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods

Holy pseudonym

Holy purple cannibals

Holy puzzlers

Holy rainbow

Holy rainbow

Holy rat trap

Holy rats in a trap

Holy ravioli

Holy razor's edge

Holy recompense

Holy red herring

Holy red snapper

Holy reincarnation

Holy relief

Holy remote control robot

Holy resourcefulness

Holy return from oblivion

Holy reverse polarity

Holy rheostat

Holy ricochet

Holy riot ball

Holy Rip Van Winkle

Holy rising headlights

Holy rising hemlines

Holy roadblocks

Holy Robert Louis Stevenson

Holy rock garden

Holy rocking chair

Holy Romeo and Juliet

Holy rudder

Holy safari

Holy sarcophagus

Holy schizophrenia

Holy seditives

Holy self-service

Holy semantics

Holy serpentine

Holy sewer pipe

Holy shamrocks

Holy Sherlock Holmes

Holy showcase

Holy show-ups

Holy shrinkage

Holy shucks

Holy skull tap

Holy skyrocket

Holy slipped disc

Holy smoke

Holy smokestack

Holy snowball

Holy sonic booms

Holy special delivery

Holy spiderwebs

Holy split seconds

Holy squirrel cage

Holy stalactites

Holy stampede

Holy standstills

Holy stereo

Holy stewpot

Holy stomach ache

Holy straightjacket

Holy stratosphere

Holy stuffing

Holy sub-orbit

Holy sudden incapacitation

Holy sun dial

Holy surprise parties

Holy switcheroo

Holy Taj Mahal

Holy tartars

Holy taxadermy

Holy taxation

Holy taxidermy

Holy tee shot

Holy ten toes

Holy terminology

Holy timebomb

Holy tintanabulation

Holy tipoff

Holy Titanic

Holy tome

Holy toreador

Holy trampoline

Holy transistors

Holy trasitor's bill

Holy travel agent

Holy trickery

Holy triple feat

Holy trolls and goblins

Holy tuxedo

Holy uncanny photographic mental processes

Holy understatements

Holy underwritten metropolis

Holy unlikelihood

Holy unrefillable prescriptions

Holy vacuum

Holy Venuzuela

Holy vertebra

Holy voltage

Holy waste of energy

Holy Wayne Manor

Holy weaponry

Holy wedding cake

Holy whiskers

Holy wigs

Holy Zorro