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By Mike "Mark" Lang


     As you have probably guessed, I am the new guy but you are probably thinking who is this guy? Well, I will tell you. My name is Mike Lang I'm currently a junior in High School. Besides reading comics, I'm an athlete. I run Cross Country and Track, play basketball and I film the football games for the JV Team. As for comics, I'm into Marvel stuff basically, but recently I have gotten into DC comics like Superman, Batman and the JLA. Iíve been working at Collectors Edge for about 2 months or so; itís a very cool and fun job to work with new and old comics.
    It was really weird how I got the job. One day I go to get my comics and Dave, who works there, asked if I'd like to work for the Edge. I said I would be happy to so he told me to come and talk to Steve. When Friday came around I went and talked to Steve. I was so nervous because it was really different for me but he explained what I had to do and showed me the basement and my mouth just dropped when I saw that many comics. Soon I began work and it was cool to work with Kyle cause he was a really nice guy and showed me all I needed to see with comics and filing. The first day Steve came down and was walking past and called me Mark and I didnít answer him cause my name is Mike and I donít know how he came up with Mark but from this day on Iím still called Mark or Robo-Kyle. But I think it is a really cool job to work with all these old and new comics.
     Here's a little bit more about me. I'm also really into history.  In school I have 2 history classes thatís my main subject. In school, I am a very quiet person. Thatís just how I am for some reason. I think Heroclix are awesome even though I donít know how to play the game. Well, now you know who the new guy is and I hope you hear from me again.

Mike (or Mark or Robo-Kyle or ...?)


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