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Top 10 sandwiches (if the Edge was a deli)...

10) Magic Mervyn: Plain hamburger with grape jelly.

 9) Captain American John: Skippy creamy peanut butter on Wonder bread, crusts removed.

 8) Full Monty: spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, cheese, & spam on an English muffin.

 7) Fat Tony S: Italian sausage, red peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Served with side of Uncle Ben's rice.

 6) Dober's Delight: Vegetarian Portabella mushroom sandwich, sprouts, topped with a raspberry yogurt sauce. Served with a nice rose wine.

 5) Sysop's Dynamic Duo: Chicago style hot dog, served with another Chicago style hot dog & fries.

 4) Kyle's Happiness: buttered bacon and a side of deep fried fish.

 3) Serbian Madness: Reuben Sandwich (hold the bread, hold the sauce, hold the kraut), a side of Gyro meat, 2 sides of crispy bacon. And booze.

 2) A Rocko Daniels: Pork Butt sandwich, served open-faced.

and the number 1...

 1) Rogman's 911: roast beef, bacon, venison, veal, pork, steak, lamb, ham, spam, & more Bacon on all-meat bun. Smothered with sausage gravy & a shot of garlic butter.