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Top 10 strangest requests / questions from package customers

10) If I am on the hold and pull package system, can you pull and hold my comics each week?
(Uhh, OK...)

9) Give me all titles that have Wolverine and Galactus, but do not have Cyclops or Batman in them.

8) You guys should sue Marvel until they make a Secret Wars movie.

7) What is with that Shane guy and sausages?

6) Have you heard anything about that Secret Wars movie?

5) Do know of a way to safely bag comics while eating cheese popcorn?

4) Can you only give me titles that I will like?

3) If my wife calls and asks how much I spent, can you tell her $3?

2) One of my items was canceled and will not be produced, can you still get it?

and the #1 strangest request / question ...

1) What do mean you want me to pick up my stuff? You mean, like, EVERY week?