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By Jack Larsen


Who Says You Can Never Go Home Again?


Greetings and salutations!

For my first column on the Collectorís Edge Comics website I thought I would introduce or reintroduce myself (as the case may be) and give some ideas on what I will be contributing to the website.

I was born 11/11/69. I missed Woodstock but made it for Altamont. If you know what I am referring to we should talk music some time. I have been a fan of music all of my life and have a large record collection. I also play guitar and have been seen on stage at some of the local open mics. Along with music, I have also been a fan of super heroes all of my life. Although I collected comic books as a kid and spent many a Saturday afternoon at Chetís Variety looking through the stacks and stacks of comic books, I didnít read them as much as I do today. I was more into my Mego action figures and watching the super hero TV shows. I ate up all the cartoons like Super Friends, Spider-Man, The New Adventures of Batman (with Bat-mite), and the Space Sentinels as well as the live actions shows such as Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and the reruns of the old Batman and Superman shows.

I have lived in Milwaukee all of my life and have had a variety of different jobs. I worked for many years at what was at one time the biggest sports card store in the state. I have been an assistant to a landscaper. I have been a bench technician for a pager company. I have been a professional wrestling color commentator (although this was more for fun than for money) for Mid American Wrestling. I am currently a technician in the switching center for a mobile phone company.

I have been a long time customer of Collectorís Edge Comics going back to 1988, with a couple of year break from comic collecting due to the finances during college. Some of you may remember that I was a columnist for the paper edition of the EDGE, co-writing the column Table Talk with my friend Aaron and writing the solo column Hailing From Parts Unknown. I also had a couple of my sketches and some of my custom action figures displayed on its pages. When it was decided that the paper edition of the EDGE was no longer going to be produced, some friends and I tried doing our own website devoted to comic books. The site was a learning experience on many levels and was definitely worth trying but just didnít turn out how any of us wanted. Sometime down the road the site might be revamped with a different focus, yet still related to comics. We will see what happens when the site-master finishes his schooling.

As I had done in the paper edition, I will be reviewing comics, give reports on the various conventions that I attend, and possibly displaying pictures and recipes of the custom action figures that I make. Also, there will be a recurring feature coming up called the Frivolous 5 that I have a big hand in. The Frivolous 5 are interviews with various creators where we ask them five questions. It is always the same five questions and they are all questions unrelated to comic books. Some of the creators that I have already interviewed include Mike Grell, David Mack, Amanda Connor, and George Perez. The details of how we are going to present these interviews are being worked out at this time. Watch for it in the near future.

To wrap up this time around I want to say thanks to you for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope that you stop back. I also want thank Steve and his staff for once again giving me a space to spout off once in a while.

Itís good to be back home.

Jack Larsen

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