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Top 10 Accidents At The Edge

10) Scraped SUV into side of building, destroying passenger side of vehicle. Building sustained very very minor damage.

 9) Rogman wearing spandex.

 8) Cut power wires during remodeling (and package system processing), wiped out all references to Aquaman & Dazzler.  Recovered Aquaman references.

7) "Accidentally" got robbed while being told to lay on floor at gun point.

6) Freak occurrence: an empty box fell off shelf and broke Vampire Batman statue, thankfully the box was undamaged.

5) Previous owner accidentally forgot to file income taxes for 2 years. IRS understood and gave him "we forgive you" penalty.

4) Fell off ladder, bounced into street, ended up in hospital. Almost broke good ladder.

3) Meet Travis (silver age Edgeguy). Travis drives the "old" orange Edge van. Meet Ilija.  Ilija drives his car. When Edge van meets Ilija's car, it was magic!  Magic defined as scrapes of orange on Ilija's car. Just one of the reasons Ilija is known as the "Mad" Serb.

2) Collector's Edge Waukesha.

and the number 1...

1) Merely walking past statue case and saw a shelf "fall" and smash statues below. Luckily was able to jump out of way and avoid catching statues.