Package FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These are frequently asked questions. If you are a new Package customer, this might help answer some of your questions. If you are already a Package customer, you might learn about a service offered that you never knew about. If you have a question that  is not listed here, please ask any employee or email us at Package Control
1. Q: What is the Package System?
A: The Package System is our "hold & pull" system that reserves your comics and specialty items. Package customers enjoy other privileges, such as: advance notice of product, access to "Package Customer Only" sales, but most importantly, worry free shopping. This means that items you have preordered are pulled before they are put out for public sale. If your favorite title is selling out fast, you do not have to worry about getting to the store to get it, it will be pulled for you. 

If you would like more information feel free to browse our web site. If you would like to use our Package System, please stop by your local Collector's Edge Comics, or contact us via email.

2. Q: How do I become a package customer?
A: See the store manager at any Collector's Edge Comics locations.
3. Q: What does it cost to become a package customer?
A: No cost, but there are some expectations.
4. Q: Why are some items called "TITLEs" and some items called "SPECIALTY"?
A: There are a number of factors that determine how an item is classified: frequency, price, packaging, and many others. As a general rule, new comics and new magazines are classified as Titles, everything else is classified as Specialty. If an item that was classified as a Title is relisted  or offered again, it automatically becomes a specialty item (because it is no longer new). If an item that was classified as a Title is resolicited it usually remains a title.
5. Q: I added a Title to my list, do I have to request each issue? 
A: No. If you add a title to your list, you will get every issue from that point.
6. Q: I only want a specific issue of a certain title, how do I ask for it?
A: This is like any change request, simply state that you want "this issue only", abbreviated as TIO.
7. Q: I want additional copies of a specific issue of a certain title, how can I request that?
A: This is like any TIO (this issue only) request. Let us know how many copies in addition to your normal order you want for each specific issue number.
8. Q: How often do I have to pick up my stuff?
A: We like to see you weekly if possible as we receive product shipments weekly. If you are going to be out of town, or for any reason you are unable to pick up your package for an extended length of time, let us know. Arrangements can be made.

All items must be bought within 30 days of the item's release. After 30 days you will be required to purchase these items upon your next visit at no discount (if any applies). This may also interrupt your package service.
9. Q: Can I get a copy of my order?  Can I get a copy of my list? 
A: Your store maintains a copy of your package list, just ask to see it. Also, we can provide you with a monthly copy of your list, either a hard copy in your package or via email. For Package list information, go here.
10. Q: How do I request a change to my list? Can I email you changes and package list requests?
A: You can speak with any employee, enter the change in Previews, or email them here. If emailing in changes please include your customer ID# and full name. When emailing changes to your package list to us, the email should come from the email address you have on file on your package list. If you maintain more than one email address please use the one shown on your package list.
11. Q: Can I drop something off my list at anytime?

A: You can drop any title at any time, subject to Package Control discretion. (Generally most comics can be dropped. If we do not normally order extra copies of it, you may be responsible for any issues already ordered.)

You can only drop a Specialty item under special circumstances, see your store manager.

12. Q: How long does it take for changes to be processed?
A: All changes are processed within a few days, changes must be submitted before Saturday to be reflected in next weeks pull.
13. Q: Why was a Title removed from my list, when I didn't request to drop it? Titles that were removed from my list have reappeared. Why?
A: A title might not show up on your current list for any number of reasons (it completed, it was canceled). If a title does not have any pending issues it may be removed from your list. If a removed title is reactivated (and they often are) you will still receive that title, unless it was specifically dropped by you.
14. Q: When is my stuff available?
A: Currently new product ships on Wednesdays and all Packages are pulled before the stores open for business. There may be some exceptions, during holidays and other unforeseen circumstances. 
15. Q: What's a CROSSOVER?
16. Q: What's a REQUEST note?
17. Q: I moved, changed my phone number, or changed my email address. Should I let you know?
A: Yes. Just let any employee know of any address or other personal information changes. We like to keep our records current, in case we need to contact you. NOTE: this information is never shared outside of Collector's Edge. You can also email changes here.
18. Q: Why do I have to sign a Package Agreement form?
A: The Package Agreement form is our way of informing you of our expectations of a Package customer. As a Package customer we are obligated to give you the best service our Package System can provide. You are obligated to purchase what you order.
19. Q: Some items I ordered do not show up on my list, should I order them again?
A: There are many reasons an item may not show up on your list. The list might not be current, we might not have processed your changes yet, or we may not have closed an order cycle yet. If you have any questions about an item or need clarification, see your store manager.
20. Q: What is Previews?    How do I use Previews?
A: Previews can be added to your list just like any other title. Just ask. To find out what Previews is and how it works, go here.
21. Q: Do you offer the Package System though the mail?
A: Yes. We can offer the Package System to customers anywhere in the U.S. but a valid credit card number with expiration date must be on file for you at all times. You can contact us at sysop@CollectorsEdgeComics.com to set up an account, and get more information.
22. Q: Is  there a minimum amount of items I have to order?
A: No. 
23. Q: A title is on my list that I didn't order. I was told it was "AUTOADDed". What does this mean? Do I have to buy it?
A: Sometimes we automatically add a title to your list based on titles already on your list. Some titles naturally flow from one to the next, or continue in the next "volume". You are not obligated to buy it, and can drop before it ships. You also have the option to not get any AUTOADDs, just let us know.
24. Q: Can I pick up my Package at any location?
A: We ask our Package customers to pick one of our locations. You can transfer your Package to any location if it is more convenient for you, but your Package will always be held at the location you specify.
25. Q:Do I need to show an ID to sign up for the package system?
A: Yes. We require you (or an adult in the case of a minor) to show photo ID when filling out the sign up form and agreement. Most basic photo IDs are acceptable such as a driver license, state ID, Military ID, etc.
26. Q:Can someone else other than me pick up my package, pulled items, or make changes to my package list?
A: Yes. That person must be listed as an additional person on your package list. If someone will be picking up your package for an extended period of time please let us know.