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How To Fill Out Your Previews Booklet

Previews is the order catalog that Diamond Comics Distribution publishes each month. If you are a Package customer in good standing, you can request to have Previews pulled for you (similar to any other title). There no cost to you for Previews, however, we would like you to follow some guidelines when filling out the order booklet. There are three  parts to Previews: Catalog, Order Booklet, and Adult Booklet. There is an age restriction on the Adult Booklet, if requested, it is subject to approval.
Package customers who regularly receive Previews, will have a pre-printed sticker that is placed on the order booklet cover towards the top. It contains your name, customer ID#, and store location. It also contains a place to write in  the page numbers of the booklet that you have marked items. This is important, as it helps us be accurate and shortens the processing time.
Some tips:
  • When filling out your Previews booklets it is only necessary to mark changes to your package list. If you have trouble keeping track of what is on your list (and who doesn't), we offer a personal list (either printed or emailed), just ask.

EXAMPLE:  If you currently have BATMAN on your list, there is no need to mark each issue of Batman each month. You will automatically get every issue of BATMAN. If you only want a specific issue, mark that issue with “TIO” (this issue only).

  • If an item you ordered is listed in a later catalog as a resolicitation (resol) it means that previous orders have been canceled. We will attempt to contact you to verify if you still want that item. If we are unable to confirm your order, the item will not be ordered for you. Marking it in Previews lets us know you still want it.
  • Please do not use markers or highlighters to mark items. They bleed through to other pages and make it difficult to tell what was actually marked. A dark color pen is best, pencil is sometimes too faint to read.
  • Write a check mark or a "1" (or whatever quantity you want to order) on the order line next to the item (the line to the left of the code). See diagram below.
  • Circling an item or its quantity line helps find the item on the page. 
  • For case items:

    - if you want a particular figure or figures from a set, just add a brief note to your order
    - if you want 1 of each figure (or whatever), note that you want "1 set"
    - if you want a case (meaning you will buy the total amount of figures in the case, including duplicates), note "1 case"


Previews FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1. Q: How do I receive Previews?
A: Previews can be added to your list just like any other title, just ask. It is pulled with your other titles and items.
2. Q: When is Previews available and when is it due back?
A: Each month is different, we send out email  notices and the dates are posted here. Generally it is due back about 2 weeks after it ships. Also, note the due date that is printed on the booklet cover.
3. Q: How much does it cost?
A: It's FREE to package customers of good standing.
4. Q: Can I drop a title via Previews?
A: Yes. Write "drop" on the quantity line. Note: it is usually faster to request a drop through an employee. All changes are subject to the Package System rules.
5. Q: Can I drop a specialty item (non title) via Previews?
A: No. Specialty items can only be dropped under special circumstances. See your store manager.
6. Q: I want to order something that is shown in the catalog, but not in the booklet. How can I?
A: Often items will be listed in the catalog or shown in an advertisement, that do not have a line entry in the booklet. Sometimes the item is shown as "coming next month", other times a company will list several items together. Either write a note in your booklet (note the catalog page, and other information), send us an email, or speak with an employee.
7. Q: I forget to turn in my Previews booklet last month, can I still get the items?
A: We will always try to order late items, so turn in the booklet. Unfortunately, some items are limited, and cannot be ordered after the initial order.
8. Q: Can I email  my Previews order to you?
A: Yes. Send an email to Package@CollectorsEdgeComics.com
Use this format:

MON = 3 letter month abbreviation (JAN,FEB, etc.) , YY = 2 digit year
subject: #customer_number LAST_NAME,FIRST_NAME MONYY Previews

in the email body:
1 - MONYY XXXX item name and issue number
1 - MONYY XXXX item name and issue number

Specify quantity and put any special requests or notes at the bottom of the email. If you do not know your customer ID#, please be sure to include your first and last name in the email subject.  We can't always tell who you are by your email address. If the month code and item you list do not match the item code will be used.

9. Q: What is the MARVEL Previews? What is the ADULT Previews?  Can I get one?

A: The Marvel Previews is a separate catalog highlighting Marvel items. It can be requested like any other title, and is free to qualifying package customers.

The Adult Previews was a separate catalog/booklet for Adult items. It is no longer published in hard copy and not available.  The items featured in this supplement continued to be offered (as they always have been) in the main Previews booklet.

10. Q: Do I have to fill out the name and address info on the inside cover form? Do I have sign the inside cover form?
A: No, we prefer you do not fill out the information page. Since only Package customers can order via Previews, we already have that information.
11. Q: I am not a Package customer, can I order something through Previews?
A: See your store manager. Generally we require a 25% per item deposit for non Package customers.
12. Q: What does it mean when the price is listed as "PI"?
A: Please Inquire. This means the price is not yet set and may be based on a number of factors. If you would like an estimated price, please ask.
13. Q: I ordered an item, but the price is higher than what Previews listed. Why?
A: Often Previews lists an SRP (suggested retail price), this is not always the actual retail price. The SRP and actual retail price are sometimes different on items such as DVDs, videos, toys, and cards.
14. Q: An item has a notation that it is only available in cases. What does this mean?
A: Case breaks, case lots, and box counts usually mean the item is only available in minimum counts. We have to order in case lots, and may have to have enough customer orders to meet the minimum quantity. We allow customers to order cases, if you are interested see your store manager.
15. Q: I ordered an item in Previews, but never got it. Was it cancelled?
A: There may be many reasons why the item has not shipped yet. If we do not order an item for any reason, you will be notified (via email or notice in your package). Many times items ship late, very late in some cases, and sometimes items never ship because they are cancelled. Each Previews has a canceled items list. If you need clarification on a particular item, please ask.
16. Q: An item I ordered arrived after it was supposed to ship. Do I still have to buy it?
A: Yes. We keep items active for about a year. Many items ship months late, that is just the nature of some product.
17. Q: Can I order a specific item or figure that is part of a set?
A: Yes. However, we need to evaluate each item and determine if we can fill your order. If we do not order an item because of this reason, you will be notified (via email or notice in your package). 
18. Q: What is O/A? 
A: Offered again. It means the item has been listed before, it is not a new item. 
19. Q: What is a STAR code? 
A: Diamond has a STAR system in which each item has a STAR code. Almost all STAR items are items that have been listed before. Similar to an "offered again" item. 
20. Q: I ordered an item via Previews and most items takes weeks to arrive. This one showed up in my package the next day. How?
A: Any item that we have in stock will be filled as soon as possible.
21. Q: I don't have any changes to make, should I still turn in my order booklet? 
A: You do not have to turn it in, but if you do, just note "no changes" where you would write in the page numbers. 
22. Q: Will my order booklet be returned to me?
A: We keep them on file for a period of time, and then destroy them. They are treated as confidential information, and we ask that you do not fill out the name and address page. See #10.
23. Q: How quick are changes I requested in my order booklet done? 
A: Generally within 1 week. Any title changes are reflected as soon as your booklet is processed. If you mark "BATMAN" in the latest Previews, you will start getting BATMAN with the next issue, based on our weekly processing cycle.