How To Read Your Package List

Package Lists contain a lot of information, but basically tell us (and you) what you currently have on order. There are many variations (serving different purposes) of a Package List. You can ask to see you list anytime and get a personal copy printed or emailed to you monthly.
All Package information is confidential and is never shared outside Collector's Edge Comics. Not all types of lists contain all information, but they can be broken down like this:

1. header
Appears at the top of the list, contains just what it shows; name, customer ID, and store location.

2. bio
Phone numbers
Used to contact you if necessary.
2 Discount Indicator
Additional Person
Tell us if someone else can pick up your stuff, who else to contact if needed.
Date you started as a Package Customer.
Your current standing as a Package Customer. A 'Standard' means you are in good standing.
We occasionally send out mailings and flyers.
Used to screen for Adults Only.
Item Counts
Quick breakdown of the number of titles and specialty items on your list.
eMail address
We offer a number of eMail based services.
Shows a tag for each crossover who have requested. For example, "COID", means this person is getting all the parts of the "Crisis On Infinite Donuts" crossover. See CROSSOVERS.
Personal Note
Special instructions, alternate addresses, payment information.
Request Note
Special requests.See REQUESTS.

3. titles
Each Title line has reference line number, which may be followed by a Line Type Code.
Line Type Code indicates special handling. For example:
  • 3R: added by request note.
  • 4X: added by crossover.
  • 8A: AUTOADDED  (AUTOADDs are based in titles already on your list.
If the ordered quantity is more than 1, this is shown in { }. (Line 5, getting 2 copies of that title.)
TIO (this issue only). You can request a specific issue of any title by indicating "TIO". 
Line 7 shows "#2 only". In this example you are getting 1 copy of Riverdale Punks (line 6) and 1 extra copy of Riverdale Punks #2, for a total of 2 copies of Riverdale Punks #2. 
Note: you can request TIOs for issues of titles you already receive (to get extra copies) and can request TIOs for issues of Titles you do not normally receive .

4. specialty
This grid lists any specialty (non new comics) you have on order. The Item column lists the item name and issue of the item.

5. footer
Reason For List
Personal use, Store Transfer, Store Use, etc.
Updated On Date
This is an internal update date, not the last date any changes were done.
Printed Date
Date this list was printed.
List Type

Please let us know of any address or phone number change. We keep package lists as current as possible, but Title and Specialty listings are constantly changing. 
If you have any questions about your package list, please ask any employee or email us.
To view an emailed package list you need this: ACROBAT READER BY ADOBE