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Ultimate Nullifier Drawing Option

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Ken Sievert
Mary Liz Frenn
Donald Heim

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1) If Young's Modulus is 65.00 GPa and Poisson's Ratio is .2, what is the Shear Modulus in GPa?
Answer: 27.08 GPa   (Mr. Fantastic)
2) What does Ellison and Wells have in common?
Answer: H.G. Wells Ellison wrote a novel titled The Invisible Man. Ralph Ellison wrote a novel titled Invisible Man. (Invisible Girl)
3) Kim Cattrall was hot in what 80s movie?
Answer: Turk 182!. (Human Torch)
4) Born in the early 1800s, Lyell's offspring became a subject of interest for many students. What was it?
Answer: Charles Lyell (1797-1875) is considered one of, if not the, father of geology.  (The Thing)

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