Cosmic Rays
Ultimate Nullifier
Negative Zone

The Four

For every $100 of your
shekels you spend,
you receive an entry to win
an original Avengers #1.

The shop is ready...

Back issue vault
time sealed until the sale starts.

The team is ready...

The line forms.

Only $2!  Wow, I thought it was, like, $5? to get in.

Mad Rush!

"You are right, this action figure does accessorize!"

"Is this my good side, or do you think the other side is better?"

Flame On!

Shopping Frenzy!

Customers find hidden basement comics!

"By any chance can you get me a sandwhich or something?"

It's basement monkey Kyle!

Keith keeps busy!

..spin the wheel,
make a deal...

Always reaching for something...

Winding down...

Now it is time to rest.
See you next year, and thanks.