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“Get A Grab Bag As You Exit” started as a way to get random comics in to the hands of our New Year Sale customers; comics they might normally not read but could sample for free.

This is still true today but has also evolved into a thank you gift for attending our sale.

What's in a grab bag?

The best answer is to take one and find out. Might be a hardcover, a toy, a magazine, a variant, a silver age comic, buttons, posters, a golden age comic.

Everyone who has a paid admission to the sale gets a main drawing entry as you enter and a grab bag as you exit.

As you pay admission you receive a drawing entry blank (be sure to fill them out right away) and a grab bag ticket. When you exit the sale you can exchange this ticket for a grab bag full of stuff AND and an Edgecrawl flyer. What's an Edgecrawl flyer? Stay tuned...