“Get A Grab Bag As You Exit” started as a way to get random comics in to the hands of our New Year Sale customers; comics they might normally not read but could sample for free.

This is still true today but has also evolved into a thank you gift for attending our sale.

What's in a grab bag?

Steve (the owner) sez: “Could be dang near anything from comics to hardcovers to variant cover comics to old comics, toys, trades, weird things I found, buttons…

Well, Steve went on for about 15 more minutes, but you get the idea.

Everyone who has a paid admission to the sale gets a main drawing entry as you enter and a grab bag as you exit. This year the grab bags are better than ever before.

“The grab bag was worth the admission to sale all by itself!!!”
-Random sale customer from last year

As you pay admission you receive a drawing entry blank (be sure to fil them out right away) and a grab bag ticket. When you exit the sale you can exchange this ticket for an Uncanny grab bag full of stuff AND and an Edgecrawl flyer. What's an Edgecrawl flyer? Stay tuned...