Photos With Funny Captions

Saturday PRE-SALE - Getting ready...

The Crew

VIPs Get Stuff!


and our junior VIP seems happy!

1st, 2nd,3rd,4th, AND 13th in line prizes!

The special 30 in '13 Anniversary
13th in line $30 off certificate.

The line to get in turns into a crowd rushing in...



The annual Medveds.

Zoinks! Zach gets high... to get some statues.

Don't mess with the door bouncers.

Basement backissue blowout!

New guy Mike. He was nervous at first, but finally started working.

Do we REALLY need a ladder for that?

Eric is in his happy place.

Steve Owner-Man in action, working the vault.

Still crowded late in the day.

Jeff believes in robot education.

John vs. Batmobile Statue. John wins.

Thanks for the 30, see you next year.