Cheat Sheet
Eye On

1) Items marked and listed as NDA (no discount applies) ARE discounted during the New Year Sale. 25% off everything means everything that is for sale from the rack, with these exceptions:

Gift certificates ARE NOT sold during the New Year Sale, but can be redeemed.
Sale discount does not apply to package pulled items, held items, or pre-ordered items.
Sodas are not sold at a discount, but you DO get a free one per paid admission.

2) The sale discount DOES apply to comic storage supplies (long boxes, bags / sleeves, backer boards, etc.), which are NEVER discounted any other time of the year.

3) This is a great time to pick up those variant covers that are priced as NDA (no discount applies). During the sale they ARE discounted at the sale rate.

4) This is an even better time to pick up those high priced statues you always wanted.

5) Items are sold in store only; we do not accept phone orders or email orders during the sale.

6) Yes, the full-size Spider-Man replica and the full-size Silver Surfer replica ARE for sale, negotiate with the owner. He gets tired and weak toward the middle of the sale, I would strike then.

7) Photos are taken during the sale for are web site photo log. If you wish to get your photo taken; tip the camera guy with bacon. Wearing a 7 of 9 costume will also guarantee a photo.

8) Need a box or help carrying out all your discounted purchases? Just ask any Edgeguy manager. They will be happy to direct an underling to help you.

9) Be sure to grab your grab bag as you exit, you never know what will be in it!

10) We do not accept Itchy and Scratchy money.