Back in the 70s there was a strange unexplained phenomenon among comic book fans. Marvel Comics Publishing had such fiercely loyal fans that they were known as “Marvel Zombies”. Marvel Zombies would buy and read EVERY title Marvel published, no matter what. If it had a Marvel logo in the corner they bought it. Soon after DC Comics fans experienced the same group mindset and would only buy DC Comics, always craving that DC Bullet logo. They were known as “DC Dead Heads”.

The two groups would often clash, but eventually worked out their differences and mutually disliked one another. Some of them expanded their appetites, some quit the habit, some died off, and others become comic shop clerks. Although the two terms are less frequently used today, the culture and fans never completely died. Their hunger was satisfied but not completely gone. They lie dormant in many forms you might see today; fan boys, that hip looking Goth chick who never really buys anything, The Cult of Steib, and so on…

They wait for the day of resurrection.

That day has come… the Zombies and Dead Heads again walk the comic shop floor…

New Year Sale Of The Living Dead...
(click here to hear what really happens before the sale starts)