"So, you have decided to sell some comics?"

Edge FAQ

These are frequently asked questions. If you have a question that  is not listed here, please ask any employee or email us at Edge FAQ.

1. Q: Do you accept credit cards?  Do you accept Paypal?

A: Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express. There may be a minimum charge on credit card purchases.  We currently only accept paypal for prearranged purchases.

2. Q: What is the Package System? How do I become a package customer?

A: The Package System is our "hold & pull" system that reserves your comics and specialty items. For more information see the Package System Page.

3. Q: Do they still publish comic books?

A: Yes, many publishers and titles have changed over the years, but there is a wide variety of comic books published every week.

4. Q: Do you buy old comics?

A: Yes. See our "So, you have decided to sell some comics?" section below.

5. Q: Where are you located? When are you open?

A: For store locations and hours, see the Locations Page.

7. Q: Do you buy toys? Do you buy Magic Cards?

A: Please email or call the South location to inquire about toys. We do not buy Magic cards.

8. Q: What came out this week?

A: See our Product Listing Page.

9. Q: When do new comics come out?

A: Currently, new product ships on Wednesdays and is available when the stores open for business. There may be some exceptions during holidays and other unforeseen circumstances.

10. Q: Can you hold an item for me until I can come in and pick it up?

A:  Yes, we do hold items on a case by case basis. Usually, we hold items for no more than a week. See any employee for specific items.

11. Q: What happened to Jef Parker? What happened to the previous owner?

A:  Jef sold the stores to the current owner, Steve Dobrzynski,  in July of 2000. He passed away after a tough battle with cancer on January 16th, 2001.

12. Q: I heard you have back issues in the basement? Can I see them?

A:  Fridays or Saturdays at SOUTH is the best time to do that, please feel free to call to make arrangements. Remember the basement is not always open.

13. Q: Why do you need my email address? What do you do with my email address?

A: Our customer's email addresses are treated just like their phone numbers, birthdates, addresses, etc. All customer information (package and non package) is treated as internal confidential information and never sold or shared outside Collector's Edge. Your email address may be used to receive our weekly email newsletter, sale information and other announcements. Package customers find it useful to email in changes and requests.

14. Q: Do you have a Web Site?

A:  Uhhh, yeah. (You are currently viewing it!)

15. Q: What is the best way to store and save my comics?

A:  Keep them dry and keep them cool. Bagging & boarding has it's ups and downs depending on your commitment to the hobby. NEVER USE TAPE!!!! (We can't stress this enough.)

16. Q: Do you have comics for kids? My (son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandkids)  loves (Superman, Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Justice League, Teen Titans). Do you have anything they would like? 

A:  Yes. Please feel free to ask for help. If you are not familiar with comics books or super-heroes, we are happy to make suggestions.

17. Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes. They are sold at every location in any denomination (minimum $5).  Good at any location, see any employee for details.

18. Q: Are you guys associated with the other Collector's Edges?

A:  Yes. We currently have multiple locations in the Milwaukee area.

19. Q: What is manga? Do you carry manga comics?

A: In Japan, the word manga is the common word for "comics" and is used for every kind of comics, no matter what their origin. In the western world, the word manga came to mean "Japanese comics" or comics from Japan.  In Japan, manga are targeted at all age groups and cover a wide range of genres from fantasy & adventure, to sports & cooking.  All our locations carry manga; please ask if you are looking for a specific title.

20. Q: Why are DC Comics not in the Diamond Comics Previews catalog? What happened to DC Previews?

A: DC Comics is no longer distributed by Diamond Comics. They have moved to other distributors and have their own catalog, DC Connect. DC Connect is available on-line in the package area.


So, you have decided to sell some comics?

Tired of collecting? Beloved Grandfather passed away and you found them in the attic? Moved into a new place and came across a box of them in the basement? Found a single comic from the 50s in-between the walls when remodeling?

We handle and are knowledgeable about almost every kind of comic book from “very old” to “very new”. Our buyer can examine and explain what they are and judge their current condition.

Are they worth anything?
The short answer is maybe.

Many factors are taken into account:

Supply and demand: Do we need them? Does anyone want to buy them?

They may be listed as rare, but not all rare comics are sellable or in demand. You may have a hard to find issue, but we may have 5-20 copies of that issue already in stock. Most (but not all) comics from the 90s and later are very common and may not be in high demand.

Have they been water damaged, torn, or simply aged? It is very unusual to find a collection where all the comics are “in mint condition”. Many brand new comics that are only a few days old are not in “mint” condition. “All bagged and boarded” does not necessarily mean the condition of each book is “mint in bag” and does not necessarily increase the value. Often, they have to be un-bagged to evaluate them.

Price Guides.
There are many printed guides, online guides, eBay, and other selling houses. Not all are in agreement or accurately reflect what we will pay for a given comic in our Milwaukee market.


Our buyer will need to see them to evaluate your collection. We have walk in hours at our South location on most Fridays and Saturdays.
Hours and location here: SOUTH LOCATION

It may be best to call ahead to be sure the buyer is available. He may be booked, have a long line of sellers, or have a large collection requiring more time than usual already scheduled. He will take you through the process as he is an expert in the field of old comics.

We will make house calls if the collection is very large and/or you are unable to bring them into the shop.

Some ARE worth something, some are NOT. Either way, we almost always offer the fairest price in town and the best explanation of the worth of the collection.

When selling a collection, it is usually best to present the entire collection to the buyer as a whole. Pulling out single issues or breaking into parts will often complicate and lower the evaluation.

When emailing us, we would like to know:

Your (or the collection) location:
If you have a comprehensive list of what is in the collection, email it to us at shop@collectorsedgecomics.com along with the information listed below. If you do not have a list, it is probably not worth making one as we have to see and verify the comics anyway. Some older comics have had replicas and reprints that look very much like the original print and these can be misleading. Also, there is no need to include a grading number, or score, or a value based on that score.

Some general information we would like to know about the collection as a whole:

How many?
Avoid using the phrase “a lot”. “A lot” can mean 10, or 100, or 10,000, or more. Also, avoid using “x number of boxes”. We have no idea of the size of your boxes or how they are packed. Unless they are standard comic book long or standard comic book short boxes, try to give us a rough idea of how many issues. No need to count each one; just estimate…100s, 1,000s, 10,000s? If they are in standard comic book boxes, there are usually about 250 per long box and 125 per short box.

What type of comics are they?
Superhero? Disney? Gold Key logo? X-Men? Batman? Superman? Avengers? TV shows? Other themes?

How old; from what year(s)?
Often, the price printed on the comic cover will let us know the approximate age. Also, looking inside the front cover or on the first page may show you the title, issue number, and the date (year) the book was produced.




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